Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More cute kid pics

Um... 8 days till I have a one year old. HOLY CRAP. His birthday party is this weekend and I am half dreading it... well, not the party persay, but the getting ready for the party... out of town company is coming in that I would like to visit, we have a bday party for another 1 year old on saturday, grocery shopping to be done, stuff to be taken to Auntie Lori and Uncle Seth's in preperation for said party... Pirate cake to be made, A BUTTLOAD of cupcakes to be made... and lots of other random miscellany to be taken care of. I'm tired just thinking about it. But I am looking forward to the party itself and seeing people... am thinking of getting a shirt made real quick like w/ a hand and a red bar and circle through it that lines up right over my tummy ... NO RUBBING OF THE BELLY. I think that's what I'm dreading the most, :)

ok now for cute baby pictures...

giving himself loves... heh.

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