Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hard Age

This is a hard age. I'm not sure who it's harder for, him or me. The constant pissing and moaning, whining and fit throwing, testing limits... seriously, he used to respond to "no"... not anymore. The fits, the newfound distaste of anything he's never had before... toddler cereal: spit it out. Macaroni salad: spit it out. Watermelon: cried until I took it off his tray. Giving everyone the stinkeye and slapping at people/things... I am trying to be patient and trying to be consistent... but so far to no avail. Yesterday was a not so good day... not a 'bad' day, but not a good day either. Today is shaping up to be even worse. Refused to eat his cereal, instead spitting it out all over himself. Then refusal to eat his banana.. which is not usual, I got him to eat almost all of a 4oz yogurt cup... but I would think he'd be starving by now.

I'm not sure if he's teething or not, he always chews on his hands when he's crying and since lately he's crying a lot, it's hard to tell if that is something independent of soothing or what. I'm just tired. And my patience is fleeting. I hate giving tylenol for nothing, but I have an o.b. appt this morning and I am not looking forward to taking him w/ me.

In GOOD news, he has finally figured out how to tip the sippy... though as I write this he may decided to spite me and stop, but we congratulate him and make a big deal out of it every time. He is an excellent water drinker... wants water more than milk. He also has been standing on his own from the floor... instead of pulling up on something/someone and then letting go. He was not fond of his floaty boat in auntie Lori's pool though, I think he didn't like the floating sensation, so he used it as a walker in the pool. He's also gotten over his fear of grass... and though he's not a huge fan of it, he now ventures off the blanket, dragging one leg behind him. heh.

and my favorite new thing, he now actively raises his arms up to be picked up, where before it was barely a half motion kind of thing... now there is no mistaking it. And it does feel nice that he wants to be held. OH, and he is now insistent on having a story before bed... it's really cute, he LOVES his book 'Goodnight Moon' and smiles at the first page. It's the little things like that that make me forgive the whining. and spitting. and slapping. and sometimes even the fits. :)

Look for an update tomorrow night, I will post one shortly after 6pm pacific time I think...

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