Monday, June 19, 2006

A buttload of pictures....

expect a few photo entries this week, I have a ton of cute pics to post, but don't want to do it all at once. Father's day was good, Aaron woke up to a breakfast of French toast and chocolate milk, and a day of no diapers or chores! (though he did pick up a few things and install radios to the cars even though I protested... and he did more than his fair share of baby wrangling at the bbq we went to, it's too hard for me to chase after nolan constantly w/ this belly in the way.)

We went to my aunt's house (used to be my Grandma's... basically polenske central as that's the place we usually meet for holidays/get togethers etc.) and had a big potluck/bbq. It was a nice day, and even though nolan started out really REALLY grumpy, he got over it and I think he had a good time too. Aaron got to hang out w/ Dwayne (his best friend, also hubby to my cousin Lisa) and Seth, so he was a happy camper. There are three of us expecting this fall on that side of the family, I am due 9/30, Lisa is due 10/31 and Amy is due 11/9. Crazy. There will be more than enough little ones to pass around at christmas time, that's for sure.

now, how about some pics? these are old btw, taken in may.

He likes to 'baby bird it' now... when anyone in the vicinity is eating, he's begging... it's embarassing!

quality control, you know.

Playing in the window w/ daddy

bright eyes

Helping daddy give the taggie blanket loves

I see you!

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