Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick post

So to make a long morning so far short, I dumped a liter of water on the fucking couch, so I am no trying to dry the cushions and floor beneath it. I blame asa that fucker.

Nolan slept in until 8 today, but to make me not like it he is being a real bear. whiney, clingy, angry, ... so so SO FUN. I do not deal well on days like today.

Tommorrow is our big ultrasound... 8:15am pst I'm hoping for open legs so we can see what flavor this bean is.

no pics because mr. screams a lot is currently screaming and it's 15 minutes until naptime, but I think he's going to go down early today.

Have I mentioned I'm tired of the fucking screaming? So tired, that if I weren't 5 mos pregnant, I would go get a motherfucking job and pay someone else to listen to it.

He's got a clean diaper, he's been fed, and then fed more, I've given motrin (as I'm not sure if it's teething pain or not, but he's chewing on his hands), I've given teething tablets. I've held him, I've let him go when he got mad at me for holding him, I've sat on the floor for so long my legs started falling asleep... so when I got up to get into a chair, he FREAKED. He freaked when I went to use the bathroom. And when I went to get him cheerios. He freaked when I went to answer the phone... most of these times I didn't leave the room. He was playing by himself, not even sitting near me, but my moving in any direction away from him sparked the screaming.

I don't know what his problem is... but I am DONE.


He's now been in his crib 15 minutes and has been silent for the last 10. aaaaahhhh... blissful quiet. I'm off to fold laundry and take a shower.

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