Friday, March 31, 2006

So yeah...

In a fit of extreme rage yesterday I pounded my fist about hmmm... 8-10 times on the laptop. hard. really really HARD. And now it looks as though the hard drive might be kaput. *sigh* While I miss the easability of the piece of shit (ie: surfing from bed, surfing from the couch etc.) that fucker is lucky I didn't take a hammer to it.

this means that until I figure out what the plan for sure is, I have to update from the pc, which is fine, but I have to install my ftp thingy and do some other stuff. My head hurts.

on the upside, glad to see those who didn't comment before coming out of the woodwork!

pregnancy update: still haven't gained much weight, though I've been eating TERRIBLY. Pj pants are a little snug tonight, I know it's normal, but still it's alarming. My face is breaking out way more this time, I am way more tired than w/ nolan. I also have sinus issues this time around, that I managed to escape last time, oh and the insomnia. It's great. Other than that, I don't feel pregnant. Just fat! lol, oh and I've had very specific cravings this time... currently it's the regular beef taco salad w/ ranch from taco time. HEA-VEN.

OK, I need to go put whiny pants down for the night. He had a very busy day, first we visited grandma at her office, and then we went to winco. Then he spent some time w/ daddy and mommy got a solo trip to costco! Now it's nigh-night time, and mommy is going to go get a salad and take some tylenol while daddy starts work on teh new changing table. IF this one came all nice and not broken. wish us luck!

oh yeah, last year around this time, I saw this post (the top one) from Khara and was so wanting to have a baby to take to see the easter bunny, but knew I had a few more months to wait. This year I couldn't wait, so we went yesterday.

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He didn't cry, but he wouldn't smile... he was chewing on his tongue and all we got was a smirk. but I'm satisfied!

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