Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BLT's on the brain...

first pregnancy craving/obsession was butternut squash. I ate so much of it that I can't even LOOK at it now. ew.

this morning I had a craving for a B.L.T. ... so I went and got some lowfat turkey bacon, and the rest of the stuff and man oh man. Had a sandwich for lunch and a half a sandwich about 10 mins ago because I'm starving.

uh... guess what I'm having for dinner and probably breakfast tommorrow? I won't be happy until I run the taste of it into the ground and it grosses me out. MMMMmm. I'm even enjoying it w/ mayo. and THAT's unheard of.

this is my all time favorite expression... he does this and I want 10 more just like him. LOVE.IT. I want to smother him in mayo and bacon and eat him up.

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