Monday, March 13, 2006

2 More Classes!

I have two more classes and then I'm done... hoorah, hoorah... until fall anyway.

So, we got the call this morning that my car had been recovered. It was found in North Seattle... to make a long story short, it was towed under the title of 'undriveable'... as we requested that ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT THAT IT IS RECOVERED, WE BE CALLED AND IT NOT BE TOWED!!!!! so my cousin came up with me to check it out and see if it was going to be driveable home. It was. The ignition had been messed with, but he put the key in and voila. driveable.


so now I debate whether or not it's worth it to voice a sternly written letter of complaint to the seattle police department because we had to pay 85 bucks to get MY CAR THAT WAS TAKEN FROM ME back. Fuckers. I'm sorry... the whole scenario pisses me off. What part of DO.NOT.TOW. do you not understand?

On the upside, damage is minimal and just about everything was left in the car... score!

ok, how about some pics of the cutest boy on earth, because I'm tired and want to go lay down?

alrighty then...

mmm, teething biscuit

they're a hit!!!!

Memo to nolan: THIS IS WHAT FREAKS MAMA OUT! Also why the blankie gets tucked in around his active little ass now.

If nolan has a sister, this is what she'll look like

Much to Aaron's dismay I get a lot of amusement from this.

he's not sure about that toy...

...yeah, he's not a fan.

we're starting him early, typing now... so he can start learning dictation and earn his keep.

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