Saturday, February 25, 2006

No news and yet an announcement

No news on the car... the insurance dude seemed pretty confident that the car would be recovered, he said the recovery rate for washington state is 95 percent... which seems high, but whatever.

Thanks to those of you who have been supportive in the guestbook. And to the one who hasn't... it's so easy to make little assumptions and write snarky shit in someone's guestbook. Yeah, I suppose we could take back those items that we splurged on... but will 650 bucks get us a safer home? Yeah, not so much. We own this condo, and are dealing with the choices we have before us...

but also, this is not about the area being unsafe. This is about the fact that the same group of asshole kids (as I would bet every last dollar I have on this) is targeting us because we own vehicles that are easy to break into and steal. (I drive a honda cvc and Aaron drives a honda accord.) This of course is being remedied as we speak, I am about to be the proud owner of a subaru circa 1984... I intend to purchase a club and do whatever else I can to secure the vehicle while we are living here. Aaron uses a club now, and has also installed a few other things that make theft of the vehicle damn near impossible.

If and when we get my car back, and if it's salvageable, we are going to sell it or part it out. I am done with honda's for now.

So again, thanks to those of you who chose to be supportive and thoughtful... and to Leh, who obviously was not... well fuck off.

And now the announcement.

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