Friday, January 13, 2006

So Cool

You guys are so cool, It's been so awesome reading the comments in the guestbook, I love it!!!! I love comments in general, but when I read other blogs/journals I am TERRIBLE about commenting! I so appreciate everyone who has left a comment, I will be checking out all webpages linked, I love a new read.

If you haven't delurked, leave a mssg in the guestbook, it's national delurking week! :-)

There were a few questions in the mix...

Carol asked what classes I am taking. I am currently finishing up my prerequisites and applying to Central Washington University's elementary teaching program. If all goes as planned, I will start this fall... I was 10 credits... TEN MEASLY CREDITS short from being able to apply last year. I didn't want to go to school during my first few months with nolan (not that it would have mattered, the classes are specialized and not offered year round), so I had to put it off for a year. *sigh* so now I should be 31 when I graduate.

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the journaling and on Nolan. I think he's damn cute, but I guess I'm biased ;-)

Since he's almost 6.5 mos old, I'll give a state of the union of sorts of what he's up to.

*He is now ticklish. Under the armpits, under the chin, sides of his neck and the soles of his feet.
*He rolls all over the living room now, sometimes it shocks me how far he'll go.
*He loves solids, despite the faces he makes in the videos!
*he's had carrots, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, baby yogurt, oatmeal, rice cereal, pears, squash and avocado and so far not a problem with any of them.
*he's also now exclusively formula fed, last breastmilk bottle was today.
*He sleeps in his own room, and is learning at the moment to put himself to sleep.
*He LOOOOVES the cats. But they hate and despise him.
*He thinks mommy and daddy are the shit.
*He thinks he is just the coolest thing ever riding in the cart like a big boy, and in his stroller w/o the carseat.
*He's starting to throw tantrums... one might say he is sort of like his mama that way.
*His favorite toys of the moment are his soft blocks, his kitty cat, and the suction cup toy he thrashes in the videos.

And now an update on me, I don't know if I mentioned it before but I'm nannying in the mornings for 3 kids. I basically get them up, dressed and ready for school, as well as make breakfast, do the dishes etc. I'm there maybe an hour and half at the most. In the afternoons I watch my Godson... this has been great for so many reasons. He cracks me up, and watching him and Aaron play video games together is so cute. He really loves nolan too, and nolan is just absolutely fascinated with him.

I cut out sweets (technically this should go in the weight loss journal, but soon enough.) a week before new years, and have stuck to it. Each day the craving gets a little better. I started Atkins this week. Shhh. I don't want to hear it. I need to get motivated. In the past, my motivation has been seeing the weight loss and feeling it. Eventually it gets to be like a drug where I need to work out and eat healthy... I'm trying to harness it again, and get motivated. I am doing pretty good on it, and am PRAYING it stays that way.

I'm tired, it's 9:30 and I have a brutal class at the gym in 12 hours. Off to bed I go, but here are a few pics of the boy...

studly wudly sitting like a big boy in the cart. *sniff* where's my tiny little baby at?

Hmm... which toy to put in my mouth?

Mr. Mischief

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