Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I feel more scatterbrained now than I ever did when I was pregnant. Yeah, I had moments of preggo brain where I couldn't remember things or got things mixed up or was just plain absent minded... but now it's difficult to wrap my brain around getting a schedule going, getting things done, etc. I start school tommorrow, and am at a loss how the heck I'm going to get my homework done and go to the gym (hello new years resolution!) and do the laundry, pick up the house, do my morning nanny job etc etc etc.

*sigh* so if entries here become scarce, well .. .you know why. Although doing an entry is a GREAT way to procrastinate, so maybe I'll get back to daily entries!

for now though, we wish you a happy new year and leave you with a few videos.

perhaps I should be slapped for this one... it's dark, but it's not really the 'visual' I was trying to capture. Any guesses what he was up to?

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He's really not too sure about homemade mashed bananas.

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And he LOVES jumping in his jumperoo

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