Thursday, January 05, 2006

oh yeah

Mojodiva requested Nolan's sleep schedule... on an ideal day we are up around 7, first nap is at 9:30 (anywhere from an hour and a half or so to two hours) then another nap at 2 for a good hour at least. Bed time is 7pm regardless of naps, though there are times when it's not possible to have him in bed at 7 (holidays etc) and there are times when he's determined to be asleep before 7.

I never put him to bed before 6pm... earliest ever was 6:15 but that was right after the holidays and his schedule had gone to shit for over 3 days.

Mama and Nolan on christmas day

Grandma and Grandpa spoiled us! (those aren't all of nolan's, we were sitting sort of in the middle of the gift pile.)

Christmas threw up in my living room.

Mr. Happy tooth.

"this is why they had me isn't it?"

Nolan's first christmas present! All he wanted to do was chew on it.

and chew he did!

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