Tuesday, January 31, 2006


ahhh, I haven't totally forgotten to update, but sort of. We have just had a lot going on as of late, and I seem to neglect this thing first and foremost... which I guess is appropriate, seeing as how it doesn't screech and howl at me if I forget to do something.

speaking of the howler monkey, he is doing well... if he is able to continue napping through the fucking ruckus that's going on outside it'll be a miracle. Garbage trucks that come EVERY DAY... I don't know why, but not only do they come EVERY DAY they make a huge clatter and then proceed to honk their horns. Makes me crazy.

Our household will be expanding shortly (no, no ... not in that way). Two of Aaron's nephews are going to be staying with us for a little while, so I imagine they'll be popping up in the pictures pretty frequently. They are 5 and 8, and I am really excited that we'll get to test out how it is to have 3 kids... my dream! I have to quit my nanny gig, but that's ok, and I will still be watching my godson for a little while so we'll make do ok.

oh, and I submitted that picture, so I hope you fuckers know what you're talking about! I want to win that contest so bad... not because I need validation that Nolan is beautiful, because like any mother I KNOW my kid is cuter than yours (except for yours... and yours... and of course yours!) but because I am craving a trip to NYC like you wouldn't believe. If I was cold and callous we would up and move there as soon as I was done with school, but I can't take Nolan away from the family... but I do miss me some NYC. I will live there one day. some day.

experimenting with chewing... he loves his peas and carrots, proof that my genes did get in that kid!

I love his chew face

Playing coy

my little chi chi boy... don't know what that means, but I call him that all the time.

mama's little peanut.

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