Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bullet Points

*I'm such a pansy wartface when it comes to voicing my opinion to my hairdresser. I went today to get a partial foil and trim, and when I left the salon it looked ok. When I got home and undid the zig zag part (*hate*) and redid my normal side part, I noticed that she left HUGE GAPING HOLES OF BLACK ROOTS. Not good. I normally have a period of self loathing when I leave the salon... hating the way my hair looks for a bit of time until I get over myself and realize it looks fine. That's normal.

But I don't usually leave and then have a moment of rage so intense I want to punch my own self in the face. *sigh* and now I've got to call and ask her to fix it and I'm borderline diahhrea over the whole damn thing. But something needs to be done about these roots. It looks terrible.

*I am exhausted today, thanks in part to Nolan fussypants who was resisting our sleep training last night (aha! but I prevailed, and he slept till 7am!) and Aaron snoresalot... I almost threatened divorce last night when he wouldn't turn over for the umpteenth time.

*I am knee deep in the application process for the teaching program at a local university, and the paperwork and bullshit you have to deal with is so staggering it's driving me up a friggin' wall. Seriously.

*The weather is killing my nose. It's sore, and itchy and dry... if I'm not sneezing, I'm blowing my nose. If I'm not blowing my nose I'm scratching it.

*I hate my math class. It's called mathematics for elementary teachers. What part of that title would lead you to believe we are supposed to be coming up with complicated formulas and figuring out in depth patterns that make a 28 year old's head spin? How the heck will that help me teach a 7 year old how to add and subtract? I sit in the back with a bunch of likeminded girls and we bitch about this fact all through class. What kills me is this shit is boring. BO-RING. And some of the people in my class act like it's fucking fascinating and dissect and discuss each problem and the way to get each problem down to the last friggin' fraction. And their enthusiasm... aye yi yi.

*speaking of my math class, in it there is a girl who shaves her eyebrows and paints them on ever so fakely, A girl who resembles a rabbit, A gay man named jakkal (only spelled the correct way), a teacher whose voice startlingly reminds me of Jennifer Grey in dirty dancing, A girl with a teeny tiny head on a very long and willowy neck, Lots of older ladies getting their extra credits in (a requirement of the state) who work my nerves, an asian kid with short spiky black hair, except for the one 8-10" long chunk just to the left of his forehead that is bleached orangey blond, and two girls who are painfully thin and trendy... complete with extremely low rise jeans, belly baring hoodies, perfect tans, fur trimmed uggs, flat ironed hair, flawless makeup, acrylic nails and trucker hats... who remind the rest of us that we are not 18 anymore.

no pics today because I am lazy.

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