Monday, December 12, 2005


before I get into the real entry, a call for help to the home heating gurus out there. We have forced air heat here... or rather flush your fucking money down the toilet while you try to keep this tin can of a condo warm heat.

Anyhoo, when we do decide to break the bank and heat the place for a few minutes (usually to take the edge off the chill) I was noticing some black fibrous stuff that was coming out of the vents...

if that's not gross enough, it's getting on nolan's changing table, found some in our bed etc.

then I noticed a lot of it coming out of one of the vents yesterday

after I took that pic we vacuumed out all the vent grates, but it's still coming out...

what do we do to get it to stop, and more importantly what exactly is it?


In other news, I am not enjoying being a chew toy... nor am I enjoying hollering at Nolan to stop biting me, as it usually makes him cry when I am stern (I don't really holler... more like a sharp and forceful "NO.") ... which makes me feel awful.

Even though the teeth have broken the gums and are a good deal of the way through, he is chewing on everything like a madman, and generally in a not so good mood. It's been loads of fun.

Aaron and I both were feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, the little bit of a cold that Nolan had got transferred to us. And I think we were more worse for wear than he ever was, and I even complained more than Aaron did. *sigh* I am still feeling sort of crappy. So we didn't do a whole lot this weekend, Saturday I met w/ a prospective set of parent about watching their daughter after the new year (really hope it works out!), then we had dinner at my parent's house and on Sunday Aaron went to the Seahawk game w/ his brother while I nursed a scratchy throat and runny nose. Nolan was in rare form yesterday too... screaming and whining for much of the day... overtiredness + teething does not equal a happy baby.

Nolan loves his daddy

I see you!

auntie Lori is cool because she lets me run my rubbery fingers through her hair... it's fascinating.

Nolan loves his grampa too.

Getting a closer look

Yams are yummy! even though my daddy won't touch them with a ten foot pole, I like em!

Mid giggle

so funny

Mama's favorite outfit

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