Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Productive Mama

Man, it seems that since before Thanksgiving we have been busy busy busy. Yesterday Nolan and I did the costco run, stopped at Babies R Us, and also hit fred meyers. then when Aaron got home we ran to a local junkyard to pick up a part for his car (aka the money HOG). Today we did Target and Home Depot, and when the little mister awakes from his nap, we'll run to the post office and deposit my checks from the paper route. Aaron is helping his friend out tonight which pisses me off... not that Aaron is pissing me off, it's that his friend is being insistent when we haven't had hardly ANY time to get shit done lately and he really needs to look at his car, but with other obligations it's fucking impossible. *end rant*.

I plan to stay at home tomorrow. Oops, baby crying...

I think he just needed binky replacement. You know, Nolan's always been a 'stationary sleeper'... never moved around much, granted, he has a sleep positioner and I swaddle the hell out of him, but still, some kids creep around the sleeping space. Last night and just now I found him crammed up tight against the top of the crib (last night it was the cradle.) weird.

I have decided to top breastfeeding. I am really sad about it, and will try to continue to pump for as long as I can, but I cannot deal with the biting. He doesn't get it, and is only biting because his teeth are bothering him, and NOTHING has worked. I know it's only been a week or two, but it hurts and I don't particularly enjoy living in fear and dreading feeding him. I am going to try and pump every few hours and drink tons of gatorade and eat lots of oatmeal to get my supply up, because while I am used to the idea of supplementing formula, I'd really like him to still be getting breastmilk for as long as possible.

We won't get into my issue of feeling like a failure for having to stop because I realize it's *my* issue. That said, I am just really sad about it.

I am hoping to be done with the paper route this weekend... though initially I was told that by wednesday (tommorrow) I would be done (YEAH RIGHT) I knew that wouldn't happen. So I am hoping by Sunday morning I can pass the torch. Now I need to get my ass in gear and start looking around for something else to do.

I am 99% done w/ my christmas shopping... one gift for sure left to get... no idea what to buy. I am going to a cookie exchange on Saturday and need to bake 6 dozen sugar cookies... which at the moment seems rather ambitious, but I'm sure it's doable. Oh and Aaron and I have a gingerbread house to put together (isn't he the greatest for going along with my holiday wiles?)

also... what the fuck... this house goes from clean to hovel in like 10 seconds flat. *sigh* I can't wait until Nolan is older and I can start assigning chores. ;-) I kid... sort of. heh. At least he won't be at our mercy for changing the channel... anyone else out there have to do that? Me and Aaron talk about that all the time, how when we were kids we could be in our rooms playing or at the table doing something and we'd get called into the other room to change the channel on the television. Free labor I guess :-)

Anyhoo, I should be going still need to make the bed, vacuum the livingroom/diningroom/hallway, find my stamps, fold the laundry, feed the baby and get my butt out the door to do the errands.

oh yeah, I broke out the 9 month clothes last night. This boy is 5.5 months old and in 9m clothing... looks like all the summery 12m clothes will have to go on ebay dammit.

The ornament I ordered for Nolan from Lillianvernon.com

somebody got new kicks last week

He so totally is NOT watching tv here, and uh, it so totally isn't E.R. either... What? we like dr. carter. At least I do.

Ben's found his happy place

He knows he's the best dressed one here.

edited to add

that pic of nolan watching tv reminded me of one of aaron around age 3... just in case I ever think that this kid *might* look a little bit like me, let me remember.. they have the same face...

(in the second pic, aaron is the one on the left)

it's uncanny I think.

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