Thursday, October 20, 2005


been one of those days. Not making good choices when it comes to bedtime, and as a result I am dog tired. That's ok though... baby steps. I plan on making it an early night tonight.

It's so wonderful to pack Nolan up in his car seat, drive all the way out to bellevue (a good 25 mins on the freeway) and haul out his stroller, attach his carseat, make the hike from the parking lot to the college financial aid office, stand inline and then be told that the form I need is only available on line and to download it, fill it out and *then* bring it in. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT TO KNOW WHEN I CALLED TO ASK HOW TO GO ABOUT GETTING THE FORM 2 FREAKIN DAYS AGO!!! That's just reason 1,980 why I hate the community college way of things.

We were notified this week that my Grandpa is in need of hospice care. Doctor predicts he will not last the month... heard this before, but they've never recommended hospice care before, so ... things are not good.

on that note, I will end w/ some pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend...

We thought it was going to be cold out, so Nolan was in his lumberjack wear. It ended up being really sunny out.

Heather and julia were there, so the betrothed couple got to see each other again.

so sweet

Nolan and daddy are ready to go... but something's missing

there we go!

even better

Julia catches some z's

the group of mom's we met up with from the boards I frequented during my pregnancy and now during my time as a mommy.

this is for all my homies in their cribs.

Heather and Julia and Nolan and I

Nolan and Julia chat each other up

Nolan's bad to the bone Binky.

My favorite pic of heather and Julia, she looks so dang happy and has such a glow about her these days.

Nolan's new friend Adam! His parents are native aussies who are now living here, Adam's mom sarah and I have designs to meet up for a play date in the future.

Don't expect an update tomorrow; insanely busy day planned.

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