Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nolan's First Experience With Cereal...

So I figured at 4 months I'd try cereal...

cereal? cereal? did someone say cereal?

I'm a big boy today! Cereal, wahoo!!!

he's giddy with anticipation

come on dudes!

then the mood quickly took a turn after his first bite...

and this was his 2nd bite...

final conclusion is he's not ready. He doesn't quite get that there is food on the spoon, and he doesn't open his mouth for it ... rather he tasted the breastmilk I mixed w/ the cereal and became frantic trying to suck his hands or my hands looking for the milk. Poor peanut was so confused; I figure I'll try again at 5 months, and see what happens.

He also got invited to his first birthday party and it was yesterday! I'll post pics of that this week.

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