Friday, October 28, 2005


*SIGH* sometime yesterday between 7am and 4pm my car was broken into and the stereo is gone, my gymbag was taken (not that there was anything important in there... sweaty towel and an old people magazine mmm!) and the center console was torn apart.

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To say I'm pissed is the understatement of the year. This is the nicest car I've ever owned and motherfuckers are tearing it apart and I'm bordering on the edge of violent. I want to take a baseball bat to whomever is fucking with us... in the worst way.

When I got home this morning I thought I saw something shady going on, so I called the cops and rather than park in the carport, I parked in front of the stairs leading up to our door... I intended to only leave it there until it got light out (it was 6:40am) and then I'd move it over to the carport. At 8:10 I had a knock at the door; it was a neighbor telling me she thought my car was going to be towed. I went outside and there was a note under my windshield wiper telling me which exact bylaws I had broken according to the new regulations just passed last month. On my back window, there was a large neon orange sticker telling me I had a final notice and my car was going to be towed. The time on both of these notes? 6;50 am... I tried to peel the sticker off the car and of course. It won't come off; but in tiny little shredded pieces.

To say I went apeshit is probably also an understatement. I promptly called our property management company and left a sternly worded mssg and I called the dumb bitch secretary of the board who did it and told her under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was she EVER to put a sticker on my car again. I am not a rule breaker, and I don't make a habit of it... I was scared, I had called the police and I was alone with my baby. I chose the path that seemed the safest at the time and I can see if I was breaking the rules a lot or had been warned... but to put not only a note on the windshield and fucking sticker on the rear window IS OVERKILL. I then said she had better scrape that shit off of my window, because I was unable to remove it myself... if she doesn't I swear to you she's going to find it plastered on her front door.

I have motherfucking had it.

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