Thursday, September 22, 2005

I want to bite him

seriously, I could just bite him!

both of those were taken last week when we got home from the paper route. He is so dang cute with his little ear flap hat and mittens... and then you add in the stretch faces and I'm toast.

Not too much going on, no nap today; went and got a coffee so I'd have the energy to clean my house, as Lori and Seth are coming over for dinner. I do love a clean house.

We are contemplating re-arranging the living room so the fire place will be useable. it is damn... no, it is MOTHERFUCKING cold in there in the mornings. Of course I can't figure out if it is actually truly cold, or if it's just me. I think from being so sleepy and tired my body temp drops and combined with a cool house... I find it to be really frigid. I was wearing long underwear and my flannel robe this morning and *still* stood in front of the oven for a few minutes to warm up.

why don't we turn up the heat? because we are heat nazi's and don't turn it on until it is later in the year and we are cheap as hell. I give it a few weeks before I cave and start turning it on. I have the guilt factor now in the form of a child... not in the form of cats who I always rationalized 'at least have fur'...

I just love this picture of him in the bath... he doesn't really scream anymore, but he is very unsure if he likes it or not.

His first day in overalls! what a little man he is.

aaron got a little artsy with the camera shots.

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