Tuesday, August 30, 2005


NAK... mssg board speak for nursing at keyboard. Too much information? Oh well; considering how much this kid likes to eat, I do this A LOT. Though since Lori moved and I inherited her old chair and special laptop table, I do it a lot more comfortably now. barely even have to reach.

anyhoo, GREAT weekend! Friday night we attended Adrienne and Keith's wedding... they were married in vegas last fall, but did it up formal style on Friday, VERY nice wedding indeed. Their little one, KJ was born two days after Nolan... and it was the first time Adrienne and I got to meet each other's babe's. We did a lot of emailing over the course of our pregnancies, commiserating.

Saturday we hung out at home a lot and then went over to my mom's for dinner and then out to the drive in, saw the 40 year old virgin and wedding crashers. We only wanted to see wedding crashers but it was the second show; and to be honest, I think we ended up liking the 40 year old virgin more. Both were funny though.

Sunday I tried out a church with Karen and Ashley (think we have a winner! I really liked this place, and it seems they did too; though they'd been there before, I know for now we plan on going back, yay!) and then I got the phone call that I've been waiting for, Heather was in labor and about to give birth within hours! I raced home, and Aaron and I finished up some errands and got to the hospital around 4pm. Miss Julia Ann Christine P. was born at 6:37pm, after putting her poor mama through 4 hours or so of pushing. She was 7lbs 6oz, and 20 and 3/4 " long. Long and skinny! She is an absolute doll, mom and baby are fine and I am just so happy for heather. If you've ever met someone who was born to be a mom, heather falls into that category. Miss Julia has been wanted and wished for for a long time.

Also, Nolan started sleeping in longer periods this weekend... 5 hours! He did that friday, saturday and sunday... but not last night. Punk. He's also starting the transition into 3-6 month clothes. :-(

Adrienne danced with Nolan at the wedding

Me and Nolan with Adrienne and KJ

Full bar = indulging mama! I had a smith and wesson and a rum and coke. I feel like a grown up again!

Julia... isn't she a beauty?

she has the best cry, I LOVE her little voice


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