Monday, July 18, 2005


After weeks of bitching about the weather (it's been barely 'springish' around here lately, it's over 80 degrees today and I am melting.

Not too much going on; 2nd week of staying at home is starting... still tripping me out... oddly enough; I have NO time to get online during the day. It's not even that Nolan keeps me so incredibly busy or anything... I just would rather be holding him than letting him nap all by his lonesome on the couch or in his cradle. though he does get some alone time; I just feel sort of guilty if I don't have him with me... not in a bad way, but I just feel like he *should* be in my arms, rather than in his swing.

We took him to the drive in on Friday to see war of the worlds; he slept through it all. Weird movie... ok, but the ending was a bit abrupt and left us going "uh... is that it?"

How about some pictures so I can stop this disjointed chatter?

Nolan is all ready for the drive in

He slept like this on my chest throughout most of the movie

I love being married to a gadgeteer... or whatever you want to call him... he thinks of stuff that I wouldn't have, like bringing our little portable dvd player to the drive in. We were there an hour or so early and watched an episode of dead like me to pass the time.

We took Nolan to his first carnival/street fair. Here he and daddy are at Kent Cornicopia days.

Nolan and the mama at the fair.

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