Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random Bullet Post

*I am loving the show 'Laguna Beach' right now. I absolutely loathed and despised it when it first ran on MTV and now I can't get enough of it... don't get me started on how much I hate kristin and high school girls in general. However this show has me hooked.

*I am also loving the show 'Minding the Store'. I am not typically a Pauly Shore fan, but for some reason this show has that certain something... I do wonder how much is staged and how much is real... I even got Aaron watching it and laughing. (Yeah, he is also watching Laguna Beach with me, though he refuses...REFUSES to admit that he likes it.)

*Nolan almost pooped on me today while I changed his diaper. In the poop department we are still neck and neck at 0-0. However in the pee department I think he is up 4-0 on both Aaron and I. Boys.

*It's hot as hell here right now, and I'm trying to enjoy it. Man, I haven't had a craving for a nice cool swim in so long, I *almost* would swim in the lake that we live near... except I don't swim in lakes. *sigh* but I'm almost ready to.

*triple chocolate utopia from Dairy queen is *EXACTLY* what it sounds like.

Nolan and daddy at the Bite of Seattle

This is how most of Nolan's day went

Until he decided he was hungry... he now sports a few hickeys on his arm from the sucking :-)

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