Thursday, July 14, 2005

More baby talk

I guess you are probably realizing by now that it's all baby all the time over at chez martin now. Kind of beats all cats all the time!

Today was Nolan's 2 week (and 1 day) doc appt, he gained a pound since last thursday (boy I guess he IS getting enough to eat!), and grew a whole inch since then as well. Jaundice is looking good; doc said he is not worried at all, and expects his eyes to remain yellow the longest... perhaps even a few more weeks. But his complexion is doing great.

After the appt I took Nolan to Penney's to get his first portraits done. I would link them here, but apparently they won't be available online for 10-14 business days... :boggles the mind: so... until then, imagine a cute nekkid baby wrapped in a blue ribbon and lots of poses with this outfit on:

My little sailor man. (Yes I did sing "nolan the sailor-man (tune of popeye)) to him when I was dressing him.

Incidentally, his cord stump fell off on Tuesday, so he is now getting real baths... which he just loves... see?

I've been giving him a bath at bedtime, using that bedtime bath stuff; trying to establish a routine, though it's probably more for me than for him at this point. But really; what's better than a clean fresh baby to snuggle up with at night?

He's napping right now in his cradle; I turned the radio on, (I like to keep a general hubub going so he doesn't become a light sleeper... :fingers crossed:) and I can hear the temptations playing in there right now.

Here he is a few minutes ago when I laid him down...

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