Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Due Date

Today was my due date... so Nolan and I had a photo op...

he has his "I'm stretching woman, why must you bother me" face on there. :-)

Also, the hospital we delivered at posted his birth picture today... check it out.

The cats are adjusting well (to answer Kay's question from the g/b.)... they pretty much ignore him, unless they happen to walk by and they'll stop and sniff at him... well, only if he's quiet and still. If he's moving at all they want NOTHING to do with him. ;-) They miss sitting on my lap; I pretty much usually have Nolan draped across me, and if I don't then I still don't let them, because I don't want them to shed all over me and to then turn around and have Nolan be covered in cat hair/dander. I'm sure I'll relax on this eventually, but for right now it ain't happening.

Not too much else to report on... all is well; I'm feeling a bit fluish tonight; achy and sore and chilled, no temp though, so I think it's just c-section aftermath. Nolan's got his first doctor appt tomorrow, am curious to see how much he's regained. (got down to 7lbs 13.5oz in the hosp.)

I'll leave you with a few gratuitous baby pics...

today he was upset at grandma and grandpa's... didn't want to be in the car seat, but Aaron was helping my mom look for something. So I plopped my finger in there and that kid sucked on it for a good 5 or 6 minutes while we waited for daddy to finish. Also; the glasses are cute, but man... a bit alienish.

My prodigy... he wasn't gassy either. ;-)

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