Friday, July 29, 2005

Busy Mommy = Bad updater

Man, we really have had a busy week (well, busy to me anyway. Errands to run, out of town guests to visit... old friends to catch up with. Busy and fun. I am just feeling super good today because I sit here, floors vacuumed, dishes done, laundry in process, bed made etc. I still need to shower, but baby is dressed, fed, napping... has had tummy time and swing time and lots of mommy cuddle time... and I am motivated enough to update even. Good day.

I am trying to figure out his sleep patterns, so I am going to keep a sleep log for Nolan for the next few days... I know his general pattern of sleep; but I want it to be a bit more detailed and also include when it seems to be restless sleep and deep sleep. Because from about 4:30 to about 8 am it's broken and extremely restless sleep. Then around 8 he fell back asleep (and I think he usually does at that time as well) and it was a deeeeeep sleep until about 10.

My little mister is a month old today... wow. Time flies.

anyhoo; someone is stirring, so I leave you with some pics...

Nolan and the cats hang out with the daddy.

Mommy and Nolan book time

first time with the kick gym

Nolan recovering after the trauma that is the bath; what you don't see is the feverish sucking of the binky. :-)

first time at tummy time!

I got so excited every time he would lift his head up off the blanket

Molly supervises

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