Friday, July 08, 2005

9 days old already!

Quick update, as Nolan is napping, but I am craving some mommy and baby time, and want to go snatch him up out of his cradle and cuddle with him in front of the tube.

1st doctor's appointment was yesterday, our pedi that we chose is out of the country until the 17th; so he recommended his associate and I almost like him better... though to be fair I have only really seen our pedi in the hospital, when he was doing his rounds.

anyhoo, when we left the hospital Nolan was down to 7lbs 13.5oz, and as of 5 days later he gained 2oz (which they were pleased with, but want to see him back up near his birth weight by his next appt next thursday). And he grew a 1/2 inch. The pedi sent us over to the hospital lab to have Nolan's blood drawn, as the jaundice was worrying me, and since he hadn't seen him in the hospital and only had the results of the bilirubin test (a 10 on Saturday), he wanted to make sure it wasn't getting up near a 20. So we went, and the tech was not so good. Nolan is not a bleeder, so it's not easy anyway, but I think she didn't have a very good touch either. Seriously, we were in there for a good 20 minutes while she kept trying to get blood out of his little heel. He was so upset and I was getting upset... I finally remembered to offer him my finger and that helped sooth him a lot, but he still let out these pitiful cries and I wanted to just grab him up and leave... my poor baby.

The pedi called us yesterday afternoon, and it turns out his bilirubin level was 16, so he wanted us to go back today and get another test done. I was dreading it. While we were in the lobby I offered him a pacifier to see if that would sooth him (he was a tad restless)and he took to it much better than the avent one ... this one is a no name brand one, that was given to us at our shower; and he likes it a lot.

I asked for a hot pack for his heel and explained the difficulty the tech had yesterday, so they let him have one on there for a few more minutes, but the tech still had a hard time getting blood. She had a better touch though, and Nolan didn't get nearly as upset except when they had to prick his heel. I offered him the finger when he was getting the blood taken (as the pacifier and he happily sucked away.

I am a little hesitant to let him have the paci for long periods of time, and if he's not fussing because though we are doing pretty good at nursing, I noticed this afternoon; he didn't want to open his mouth wide enough to eat; and I do not want to deal with that for every feeding; VERY painful. But I don't see a problem if we are out and about or in the car and unable to feed... He kept it in while we went to visit Aaron's work and show him off too.

The doc called a short while ago and it turns out his bilirubin level is down to 14... the pedi thinks that yesterday was a peak day, and as long as he's eating and pooping, then his little body is getting rid of it at it's own pace. Obviously if he doesn't look better by Thursday I'll mention it to the pedi again, and see about getting another blood draw. I just want him to be healthy and get rid of the yellow in his eyes.

Before I forget, a BIIIG congrats to Kay! (don't know if I should link you...since you moved from diaryland... let me know if you want to be linked!) As I said in her guestbook, may the sleepless nights and leaky boobs commence!

a few photos before I go...

Nolan's first trip to costco... slept the whole time :-)

we tried out his swing yesterday, but his little neck isn't quite strong enough to allow him to sit up straight. I have a mini neck boppy thing, but I haven't opened it yet, next time we try it I'll break it out.

Every time he stretches, he starts out with this face... I love it, it's my favorite little face that he makes while he's sleeping. I could just eat him up.

another favorite stretch face... this kid loves him some sleep and loves him some stretching.

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