Friday, June 24, 2005


Ok, so for anyone who was wondering how I did those pics, I use adobe photoshop. I have version 6.0, but I would imagine that it's done the same in most of the versions. the first thing to do is open the picture in photoshop, then outline it and copy it. Open a new project, paste the picture in there and change the pic to grayscale. (It will ask you if you want it to 'flatten' the image. I say no.) Then outline the black and white photo, and copy it. Go back to the original color photo, paste the black and white photo over it. Then you use the eraser tool to erase the black and white image and let the color image shine through.

It's actually pretty easy for photoshop, I thought it would be some long drawn out process involving layers and blending and blah blah blah, but not so much! Here are a few I messed around with yesterday...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

In other news, I gotta say... I have bragging rights when it comes to husbands. I'm serious, he totally made my day/week/month yesterday. We were on our way to have dinner with John and Khara and he casually mentions that before he goes back to work after the baby is born (he's taking a week and a half off) that he'd like to do something special for me. He knows I'm a weirdo when it comes to massages (I don't like people touching me... nor do I like paying someone to touch me... ew.) but he wanted to do something like a spa day or have me go get my nails and hair done. Something special for me... and he would take care of the baby while I'm out doing all this. Totally blew me away. Of course I'm going to take him up on it, I don't normally like people touching my feet either, but a pedicure is what these toes need, and in a BIG way. heh... SOMEONE compared my feet to those of Sherman Klump's. The nerve! (ok, the honesty... damn do I have some fred flintstone feet or WHAT?)

It's not even the fact that he wants me to do something for myself, he's always encouraging me to do stuff for myself, it's the fact that he is so encouraging and sweet and doesn't even think twice about going it alone with the baby while I'm out for a few hours. In my experience, guys are usually pretty skeered when it comes to new babies, especially when they haven't had much experience. I find it really comforting that he's confident and willing. :-)

Ok, have I made you all sick enough with the gushing? ;-)

No big plans for the weekend other than putting together the pack and play and installing the carseat. Would really like Aaron and I to get away for a bit and do something together ... maybe we'll go down to the waterfront and walk around a bit or something. Just want to hang out together and savor the last weekend we'll ever have as just the two of us. Not that we aren't stoked about becoming parents, I just want to take the time to appreciate this last weekend before everything changes.

Oh, let me address the 'missing boy scout' thing ONE MORE TIME. I might start off by saying I didn't know he had mental issues. That said, I still think he looks like a fucking brat. I am entitled to my opinions, no matter how stupid, shallow and misinformed they might be. That's the beauty of the internet... I can publish real live bullshit on my website and if you don't like it, you totally don't have to read it! Or you can leave snarky comments for me in the guestbook! And I can totally delete them if I feel like it! It's a beautiful set up.

And just so we're clear, if I post pictures of my kid on this website, you are totally free to tell me he is ugly, or a brat or whatever. And I am totally going to erase those comments and figure out how to ban your ass! woohoo!

Lastly, to those of you who've left mssgs in the guestbook...

Kay, you crack my shit up. Libby, you do too :-) For all who asked about the pics and how to do it, I hope I explained it ok, if not feel free to drop me a line in the guestbook and I'll try to be more clear. Good luck and have a great weekend!

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