Monday, June 06, 2005


I haven't done any blocking of any ip addresses yet; my host was down for a period of time over the weekend. Still undecided if I will or not; still not sure if I want to take the high road and not bitch about people in my life or let it all hang out and deal with the repercussions. Said repercussions would likely bother Aaron more than myself, so that weighs heavily on my mind. *sigh*

Boy am I crabby today. I am also really, really REALLY tired, and I hate satchel, and I'm so ready to be done with working just so I don't have to hear his voice or look at his ugly mug. Or receive one of the many million fucking handwritten notes telling me to do something... if it were my last week I would probably refuse, but whatever. I know it's me; he's being polite, whatever. I just am crabby and he's an easy target since the hate is already in place.

I'm hungry allthefuckingtime right now. Often, a small snack such as a piece of toast or bread w/ a smidge of butter or even a small cup of milk seem to help; but you would think I haven't eaten in weeks with some of the hunger pains. And if I just ignore them because I've eaten just an hour and a half ago; then I get that sick feeling, sort of dizzy... but more shaky and bitchy than dizzy. This morning I was ravenous; and was going to have a yogurt before I left for school when I saw the tupperware of leftover spaghetti in the fridge. So I heated it up and ate it at 6:10am on my way to school. mmmmm spaghetti.

We got so much stuff done this weekend, but there is still a lot to do. A lot of what was done was the tedious, time consuming shit that you don't enjoy, but needs to be done. Aaron sanded and painted the dresser, shelf, and book case (still needs to finish the book case), he installed the garbage disposal, put the crib together, and helped me clean the living room, and hang all of our pictures up on the walls, as well as suffered through some last minute shopping last night for burp rags and nursing pads. He also put up the speaker stands and got the internet set up as well as the wireless connection up and running. Busy boy! Wili also stopped by and installed our new faucet in the kitchen as well as a new sprayer. Then he put together the cradle and the swing for us. So nice to have the extra help; we really appreciated it! And me, I did laundry. LOADS UPON FUCKING LOADS OF LAUNDRY. Not only did I do our regular loads of laundry, I went through all the crates of baby clothes (and all the stuff I got at the shower too) and removed the tags and plastic things that attach the various outfits to the booties/hats whatever... and then sorted those clothes into like colors for the first washing. I must've done ... over 10 loads of laundry on Saturday alone. There are fleece sleepers in my dryer as we speak.

Then I sorted said clothes into age groups (which later proved to be a moot point, because I had to stack them all back into the crates because the dresser wasn't done until Sunday evening, and I'm not even going to push my luck and try to put them away until I feel confident that the paint has completely set... hopefully tonight.)and folded them. I also organized our walk in closet, and hung up most of the framed pictures (though I needed help for the big ones), had pics printed from our wedding for the wedding wall, and framed our marriage certificate as well. Still haven't packed my hospital bag. Still haven't put the baby's room together... hopefully most of that will get done tonight. Though we still have no crib bedding... We were at Target last night, and I don't know if it's the hormones or what that have invaded my brain and changed my opinions, but I suddenly sort of want to do the theme to the baby's room in classic pooh.

Months ago I would have booed and hissed at such an idea, but I don't know... it is kind of cute. I got a few outfits from the shower that are classic pooh, and they are adorable. I normally HATE pooh... but classic pooh is kind of cute, and the bedding set is a lot cheaper at target than the transportation set is at Penney's. We'll see. A lady at Target overheard me talking to Aaron about the set, and mentioned a consignment shop that sells really nice stuff nearby, so I think I'll stop by there and check it out after work.

We also got the mattress for the crib purchased, so now the only two things left to buy are the bedding for the crib and a glider/rocker. And we also have to figure out where the heck we are going to put the litterbox. The laundry room isn't quite big enough; though it is doable; just not *easily* doable; and I don't know how keen I am on having litter granules all over the tile; they are some messy motherfuckers and even if I vaccuumed each time they used the box, I doubt I'd get every single granule. They are currently using the baby's room until we get it set up, we could put it in the bottom of our walk in closet; but I kick them out of our room at night; because 3am is not FUCKINGPLAYTIME. And I don't know that if I have baby sleeping next to the bed in his cradle; that I want to deal with the added bother of the cats. But there really isn't any other place... the bathrooms are too small, and we would have to get a brand new folding door for the coat closet, and I'm tired of spending money that we should be saving.

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