Monday, June 20, 2005

6 more days

6 more work days and then I am satchel free for (I hope) ever. If I don't go into labor sooner... sometimes I have a feeling I might; but you never know. Anyhoo; I doubt I'm going to keep the pregnancy journal going, because... well, quite frankly; it's a pain in the ASS to update two websites. I also think if I'll want to update more if I don't think about updating seperate sites. Just my thought for now.

Doc appt last week revealed I am dilated a fingertip and everything looks just fine. Only gained 1/2 pound over the week and my last appt is this week. Gah. Last appt. Don't get me started on how freaked out I am over this whole transition phase... things are about to change in a big way; and though I've been thinking about it my whole life, the reality is a bit freakier than I anticipated it to be.

In other news, well... there really isn't any. Friday night was spent at Walmart with my mom and Lori, Saturday was spent cleaning the condo and then at the strawberry festival, then some random shopping and an early bedtime. Sunday found me in a shit ass mood in the morning, but then I perked up; I'm just uncomfortable, and if one more person says any of the following to me I will not feel bad about the bitchiness:

*are you going to have twins?
*Man, you're big.
*You're not in labor are you?
*You're not going to pop today are you?
*How many you got in there?
*That's going to be one BIIIG baby!

I'm easily annoyed anyway; but now... these sentences just ask for it. I hope my attitude improves after the birth... maybe I should post a warning on the door of my hospital room...

utterances of the following will result in your swift and speedy expulsion from the room:
* "I think you should name him ________."
* "Boy, you sure there still isn't one in there?"
* "He's not so big after all, it must've been all you!"
* "I told you he would be gigantic!"
* "I don't like the name ____."

God I'm bitchy today. NO really, seriously bitchy. It's the afternoon caffeine lull... I was fine until about 20 minutes ago. The drive into work was fine, everything was dandy; had lunch with Khara today; (not only lunch, but got to have YAKISOBA... my new favorite food), That was really cool; hope I didn't talk your ear off Khara!!!! We'll have to get together for a play date when my bun is out of the oven :-)

Back to the bitchiness, I haven't had much hassle at all today, and the fucking moods just come out of nowhere. Can't wait for that fun to end. Man, I also have this gnarly taste in my mouth; tastes like when you've been to the dentist and they have put a bunch of crap in there to fix something... ugh. NOTHING has gotten rid of it as of yet.

I think I'm just anxious. Anxious about how things will happen, stressing about what to expect... and just wanting it fucking OVER. That has a huge affect on my mood. OH and the mere existence of Satchel is just irking the living shit out of me today.

How about some pics?

Perty boy with the choppy cut

Ben begs for attention from the daddy

He is so totally smiling here

not to be outdone by Ben, Molly gets in her share of daddy time

He's such a pretty boy

My aunt made this diaper cake for us; it has like 96 diapers a bunch of wipes and tons of bibs/clippers/pacifiers etc and some bottles filled with m & m's... was VERY cool and a really great surprise.

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