Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Aaron stopped by the local liquor store to see if they had any spare boxes he could pilfer, but nay. They said theirs get grabbed pretty quickly in the morning when they put them out. I thought about stopping by the liquor store by my parents house to inquire, but eh. So I thought about it and called one that is about 1.5 miles from work and what do you know? They have boxes! I stuffed about 30 of them into my car... I'm sort of amazed that they fit; but the inside of the car and trunk are filled to capacity. Actually, it was overfilled and I had to stop by Aaron's work and drop about 5 or 6 off so I could see out the back window. Theoretically, I am ok with not being able to see behind me, but when actually in the position of needing to see behind me... not ok with it at all.

Spoke w/ the lender again today, looks like we will know sometime tomorrow or the next day if we will for sure be closing on May 13th. I tend to believe that we will NOT, but it's possible.

I got my hair colored last night, and I am almost liking it now. I definitely like the color; it's just the style I'm having a hard time adjusting to.

I petted Molly w/ the torture glove last night. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I started; careful not to go to fast as she obviously doesn't like the way it feels. She would get up and walk to the other side of the bed. When she sat down, I'd resume. Lather, rinse, repeat about 10 times. Finally she got pissed enough that she figured "FUCK THIS NOISE. I AM NOT GETTING UP AGAIN." and instead turned to me and hissed, long and scary. I tried to comfort her and pet her again, and she hissed again and jumped off the bed. I'm hoping that if I persist and do a bit of the combing every day, she'll eventually get used to it and chill the fuck out.

I have been bringing veggie stir fry to lunch (w/ shrimp) and w/ 1/2cup rice ... it is the bomb. I think it tastes better with chopsticks too; so I bought a pack of bamboo ones, and have been living it up.

We initially weren't going to clean the apartment when we left, figuring 'fuck it'. I think we've changed our mind. Our deposit was 600 bucks, so not only do we stand to get that back when we leave, if we leave before the end of may and they prorate the rent, we stand to get that back as well. EXCEPT... they first deduct carpet cleaning charges, painting charges and whatever else needs to be deducted for cleaning purposes, and THEN they figure out if you get any of the pro-rated rent and deposit back. THAT'S FUCKED UP.

We've only lived there 2 years as of May 12th... I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt that we've done enough damage to require almost 900 bucks worth of cleaning. So we've decided that we'll do our best to try and get the shit cleaned as quick as possible, and my mom has a carpet cleaner that I am hoping she'd like to come on over and test out on our piece of shit carpets. I recognize that we will likely not get all of our deposit back, but I expect that we should at least walk away with half... ESPECIALLY considering they didn't paint before we moved in.

I also am updating the pregnancy journal today by the way.

we bought this toy for the cats a few weeks ago... they LOVE it... especially Asa. I feel really guilty when I am playing w/ Asa with it and Molly looks at me all forlornly as if to say "I want a turn." then when I try to play w/ molly, asa gets the sad face on. It's a no win pathetic situation. Asa will actually grab the end in his mouth and go running out of the room with it... Hilarious.

mmmm, finger...

Pleathe... pleathe don't put fabwic thofenerth on me while I'm laying here jutht trying to enjoy the daddy'th company. Pleathe.

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