Saturday, May 14, 2005


as of 10:47 am on saturday morning we have worked our tails off... I'll cross out what's been done ...

*go to walmart and purchase cleaning supplies
*bag up coats from coat closet
*box up extra hangers from closets
*bag up clothes that we are not going to need for the week

*do all laundry that is needed to be done
*Clean out and pack up stuff from:
*under the bed
*under the dresser
*under the nightstands
*behind the television/hope chest

*finish packing kitchen stuff
*wipe down cupboard doors/drawers **started this
*strip down the fridge (tons of pics) and wipe down
*Clean top of oven (buy replacement rims/guards for top of oven) **started this
*clean bathroom
*pack bathroom
*Pack up vcr/stereo etc from bedroom
*take last few items off the walls
*unscrew mirror from dresser
*pack up misc. crap from dining room
*start a craigslist box
*bag up plastic sacks next to fridge
*take all remaining nails/pushpins out of walls

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