Wednesday, May 04, 2005


First of all, thank you to Jessica in the guestbook; I did some checking and made a phone call to my landlord, and they require that we use a carpet cleaning company that uses a truck because of the temperature of the water or some shit. So basically, we'd be wasting our time.

If energy allows, I will look into whether or not we have to abide by that, I'm not sure I signed anything in that regard... and not sure if I can fight it. That's 300 bucks off of our deposit... smells fishy to me that everyone loses that amount no matter what. Anyone else know much about this?

Hey, if you are looking to add a little more bran to your diet, check out the blueberry bran muffins from zen bakery; available at Trader Joe's. I don't know if Zen bakery ships to ALL trader Joe's, but 4 muffins comes to 3.29 and they uh... do the trick, if you know what I mean. And they aren't bad. Pretty tasty.

We went to see the condo last night, and were pleased at the choice we made, of course that's IF this whole thing actually happens. I so do not believe that the rug won't be ripped out from underneath us... it's crazy. Still waiting to hear if we are closing on the 13th, though I understand that sometimes these things get moved around at the last minute. We are planning to pack tonight, mainly the dvds. I'll be interested to see how many we have... we are going to pack and enter them into an excel spreadsheet at the same time... sounds anal, but if you knew how many times we have this conversation:
me:"do we have ...(some random movie)"?
aaron: "I think so."
**I look around for a few minutes...**
me:"are you sure?"
aaron: "pretty sure."
me: **continuing to look around**
me: "aw fuck it."

you would understand the need to make a list. That and because it's inevitable that some birthday or gift giving occasion comes up and one of us puts something we already own on our wishlist. Plus, it can serve as a resource to keep track of who borrowed what, and when. GAH.

for the record, I HATE lending out dvds to people, especially when they borrow more than one. Most of the time it isn't a problem, but then there are the moments where you go looking for a dvd to watch, find one that fits the mood perfect like uh, let's say "just married". You find the dvd case, and turn on the dvd player, pop the popcorn and open it up and nothing. Then hours upon hours are WASTED while you either
A. argue about who it was lent to last
B. argue about who it was that forgot to put it back
c. open every single dvd case that you own, and still don't find it.

*sigh* so if people MUST borrow the dvds, I will log them into the list. And I will try to be efficient.

Not too much else is going on, I am trying to slog my way through my logic material... anyone familiar with this shit? We are doing proofs and rules to solve proofs. I have grasped the concept fairly well, it's just LOOOONG AND TEDIOUS and I keep practicing over and over the ones that I know the answers to, hoping that something in my mind will click and make this shit second nature. It's just hard.

Also, dreamt that I couldn't find my car yesterday morning... dreamt I woke up and got ready and my car was NOT in the parking lot. In my dream I was searching for a silver car... about halfway into my search I remembered that I had a purple car, but still couldn't find it. I was more pissed that the carseat was in the car at the time of the theft than about the actual theft of the car. Strange.

The face he makes when you mention the word 'BATH'.

the face he makes when you scratch his ass.

caught on tape: the one rare time out of 100 that ben decides the water in the bowl is suitable for drinking. Our gourmet usually prefers toilet water.

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