Friday, May 13, 2005


So, the initial thing that set me off the other day in my downward spiral of emotion, was that logic test. In fact, I didn't go to school yesterday, because A. I had woken up to pee for the umpteenth million time that night, and somehow stubbed my pinky toe so hard it bled from under the nail. (this I didn't realize until the next morning)... it hurt so bad I had to roll over so it would not be touching anything. Oy, the throbbing.

Anyway, and B. because I was nursing my wounds, freaking out about my grade in that class, praying that I got a high D... or very low C... so afraid I would fuck up my financial aid because he only grades on tests and we only have 4 of them. *sigh* so I slept in for a while, and skipped it.

Today, I was relieved to see I didn't miss much; and at the end of class I asked the girl who sits next to me (we are always on par it seems w/ what we are having problems with, or excelling at) how she did on the test. She had left the class about 10 minutes before me on test day... I am usually the 1st or 2nd one done on any given test and this day, I was there until he had to take them away because the next class was coming in. She said he had handed them back yesterday and she did better than she thought. I went up to get mine, and was fucking blown away by my score. 92 out of 100... A motherfucking A I believe... how the hell did I pull that shit off? I literally did not finish one of the 6 problems, and another two I totally guessed on... luckily, he didn't base the score of the paper solely on the outcome of the problem. Each problem was a myriad of points, and if you got some of the steps right, you got the points for it.

Hot damn. I am still worried over our next test, because we are now starting on predicate logic, and that shit is more fucked up than true logic. *sigh* but only 33 days until I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL, and better than that, only 20 actual in class days. Oh lordy, I cannot wait until this shit is done with.

Thank you to all of you who left such sweet messages in the guest book; I was definitely having a time of it that day. The self loathing has been at an all time high lately; primarily I think, because I was a dumb ass and did look at some pictures from last summer... and I want to bitch slap myself for ever saying I was fat back then. Good God, what an idiot. Also, these stretch marks? Fucking scary. As they are breeding like rabbits, and they fucking burn... and have I mentioned the only thing I ever want to eat is kit kats and mocha frappucino's ? (the storebought kind)... I bought some mocha-lite frappucinos, that I will dabble in next week; they are less evil, but still probably not the best choice.

Also, more randomness... I brought in my stirfry for lunch yesterday and forgot my chopsticks. To say I was disappointed to have to eat it w/ a fork is an understatement. I seriously thought about just going across the street and buying a sandwich... who knew I had SUCH loyalty to the chopsticks?

Much packing on the agenda for this weekend... in fact, Here's my list of stuff to do... if Maybe I'll even come back and cross shit off as it gets done... then I'll feel accountable enough to actually do it!

*go to walmart and purchase cleaning supplies
*bag up coats from coat closet
*box up extra hangers from closets
*bag up clothes that we are not going to need for the week
*do all laundry that is needed to be done
*Clean out and pack up stuff from:
*under the bed
*under the dresser
*under the nightstands
*behind the television/hope chest
*finish packing kitchen stuff
*wipe down cupboard doors/drawers
*strip down the fridge (tons of pics) and wipe down
*Clean top of oven (buy replacement rims/guards for top of oven)
*clean bathroom
*pack bathroom
*Pack up vcr/stereo etc from bedroom
*take last few items off the walls
*unscrew mirror from dresser
*pack up misc. crap from dining room
*start a craigslist box
*bag up plastic sacks next to fridge
*take all remaining nails/pushpins out of walls

And here is the stuff that needs to get done to make the place rentable again...
*clean oven (I'll recruit someone)
*vaccuum thoroughly
*mop/scrub floors/baseboards
*vacuum around the washer and dryer
*wash the windows
*sweep the patio
*clean out the fridge spotless!
*vacuum out cupboards and drawers
*hang up blinds I took down, and towel bar I removed
*Clean up toaster/rice cooker/etc for Lori (she is inheriting things in the move)
*put pretty lamps back in storage
*get rid of end table
*wash snowflake comforter

And here is the stuff I'm paranoid I'll forget to do...
*call comcast, end service this month, inquire about keeping email addy
*call electric company
*don't forget to take screens we put in the windows
*don't forget ironing board (hangs on door)
*don't forget to take medicine cabinet (external one we installed)
*purchase collapsable shaving mirror from Ikea to replace one we are leaving

Here is what I think we'll need once we're in the new place...
*refrigerator (not 'think', rather, I know we'll need it
*washer and dryer (have some in storage; just have to measure them to verify they'll fit.)
*light color bookshelf
*tv repairman
*smaller desk
*door for bedroom (possibly use hall closet door and replace that w/ bifold door)
*new litter box (they deserve it!)
*shelf for pantry area
*paint for baby's room
*paint for our room
*white paint for dresser and bookcase
*new couch
*drawer cart

criminy... that's just the stuff I thought of TODAY. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Also, when we got home from birthing class last night we watched the tivo'd version of the Apprentice... (where you fast forward through a TON OF SHIT to get to the good stuff), and I am still rooting for Tanna (mostly because I think Kendra is a fat faced beyotch), but I don't think she's got a chance in hell. I do think the tasks were not weighted fairly at all, but I think even so; Tanna would have done herself a lot more justice had she kept her mouth shut about her loser teammates. And obviously you shouldn't vent to Carolyn, there's NO LOYALTY THERE! So my prediction is that Kendra will take it. But we'll see.

oh yeah, I'll update the pregnancy journal today too.

Oh how he loves to have his widdle ears rubbed.

Whatever will they do when they don't have their beloved ground level window?

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