Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A bit better...

I'm doing a bit better today; though I have yet to speak to my lender and/or escrow, so you know; that could all change this afternoon. My lender encouraged me to call escrow and plead w/ them to expedite my closing paperwork if at all possible... we'll see if it does any good. I have a feeling we're going to be stuck moving over memorial day weekend which is more fucked than moving over my baby shower, and you know; NO. NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPY right now... I'll get over it I'm sure.

I watched about 15 minutes of 'Kevin and Britney: Chaotic' last night. Oy... there are no words. Actually, no... there are lots of words, ... dude she is way way WAAAAYYYY more bumpkin then I ever though possible. She is annoying as FUCK and my god; get some Proactiv girl, for a big time star she's got terrible skin.

I think what kills me the most is the irritating fake laugh she does, talking like a slutty 12 year old, calling her assistant 'fee'... and that woman is what... 35 and talks like a 12 year old too?, and man does she put the scruff in scruffy. Britney, that is. When she's all made up and the photos are airbrushed she is drop dead gorgeous, I'm not hating, just saying that when she isn't made up... yikes.

I turned it off before Kevin was ever on, so I can't say what I think of him; I think though he's either got to be just as fucking irritating, or perhaps a bigger pain in the ass than she is. Gross. They are just fucking gross and I cannot watch that train wreck. And I can watch just about anything... but this shit ranks right up there with flava flav and brigitte nielsen on Strange love. I couldn't watch that shit either. However, I think if they were to do a normal celeb reality show (brit and kevin) instead of handling their own cameras, it might be watchable. But this shit is just not.

Incidentally, here are some pics of a kitten I fell in love with on Sunday... seriously, how I had the will power to not put him in my purse and bring him home is beyond me. Look at this face:

He looked so worried all the time and the cutest little 'mew'.

I think he was around 4-5 weeks old, but I'm not sure. There was a litter of 6, but I love me some tabby cats so I think that's why I took a shine to him... oh and a siamese looking one too; I would have taken either if we were moving to a big ol' house. But since it's only a 2 bedroom condo, I just can't do that.

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