Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Suck, suck, sucketh

I know I'm a total downer lately, but I'm working on it. The two places we saw last night were faboo... of course the one we wanted already had like 2 offers on it, so forget it. I'm not about to get my hopes up when other people are already doing bidding. The other one was fine, but Aaron didn't like it enough when there's one similar to it in Des Moines. *sigh* I.Do.Not.Like.The.Des.Moines.One. I was so frustrated and irritated and whatever, I had me another anxiety moment... told my mother I didn't even feel like celebrating my birthday this year when she called and proceeded to cry all the way home. Seriously. I'm just sad. Then I went to bed.

Today, I found out I ordered all the wrong books for my anthropology class, and true to my cheap ass self, I ordered the correct books and am praying... PRAYING they get here before the 15th when our first test arrives. It's a crapshoot I know, but I like to live dangerously.

Lastly, because everyone else is doing it, I now have a flickr account. Go me.

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