Thursday, April 14, 2005


Don't let the title fool you, I am actually in a somewhat chipper mood today. Why? Because I spent some of my birthday money and bought some cds to add to my collection. I almost bought Jessica Simpson's 'In This Skin' or whatever, and Ashlee Simpson's 'Autobiography'... but I just couldn't do it. Jessica's cd I think I'll like in theory, but damn... the breathy singing will get on my last nerve eventually. And I just can't own an Ashlee Simpson cd... I just can't. So instead, I'm going to download the few songs I think I would have liked off their cds and try them out that way.

I did buy D12's 'world' (ok, that was actually a gift from Aaron), Eminem's 'Encore' (to replace the one I lost), Dixie Chick's 'Home' (I am always late hopping on the bandwagon, hot damn do I like this cd), and Best of the Beach Boys 'sounds of summer' (tell me, who can possibly be in a bad mood listening to these guys on a beautiful sunny day like today?).

Ok, now on to the bitterness. Latest offer on a condo was REJECTED last night. Fuck all man, we must be like the buck-toothed, pro-wings wearing, inhaler using, highwaters sporting, slightly pudgy, very pimply 13 year olds at the middle school dance who overgelled their hair and are waiting for the cute blonde kid with the nikes and fubu sweatshirt to come ask us to dance.. NO ONE wants to do business with us.

Why? Why are we so undesirable? Well Aaron's lack of credit apparently is the main factor, nevermind that mine is good, and Aaron's got 10 years of work history at his job and I've got 5. But we've only got 2 years of rental history to our names because we lived w/ parents before and didn't worry about putting our names on a lease. *sigh* Then add that we don't have a down payment and we were doing an FHA loan, which is a fine loan, but apparently scares people because FHA wants to make sure that the property is worth what they are paying for. So they tend to have requirements etc, and when they inspect the property they come up with stuff that needs to be done.

Because we don't have a down payment, we are utilizing something called the nehemiah gift program, and don't quote me on this because really; I'm no super sleuth at this stuff, but basically, nehemiah fronts our downpayment in exchange for a gift. The gift is the seller paying them back for the downpayment... what you do to make it so the seller isn't losing any dough is to make an offer on the place that is asking price PLUS the amount they would need to gift back to nehemiah. All they have to do then is sign the paper authorizing it.

Piece of cake right?

wrong. These fuckers don't care, they don't get it or something and they don't want to deal with it. This makes us unattractive buyers.

We are bitter, yes. But now we are also investigating other financing. I had a great conversation with a guy my realtor says is a miracle worker. Aaron ran him out the paperwork he needs to assess the situation... w2's, check stubs, bank statements, credit reports etc. Fun stuff. Hopefully we can secure a loan that will make us a bit more attractive and get us into a fucking place already.

Anyway, wish us luck, say a prayer, whatever. this shit bites.

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