Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Gittin it done

So, I paid off both credit cards today... no huge thing, the balances weren't very large, but in trying to cut down on monthly bills, it's 30 bucks (both minimum payments were 15 bucks a month) less that we have to worry about. Really though, we are doing well with bills... when baby comes we will cut our sprint package in half and save another 45 bucks, I haven't been getting my nails done for a few months now, and that's 40 bucks a month. When we move it'll be so long storage, so there goes another 47 bucks a month, and when we pay for Tivo's lifetime service that'll be 13 bucks off the top. Of course we will be adding a homephone, probably gonna go vonage, so that'll add in 25 bucks... and depending on if we can find a place to stash Aaron's car for a while, we may have to pay for a spot at a storage facility. I called today, and that costs 69 bucks a month... which still gives us a savings of 81 bucks a month... I gotta see what else we can tweak and get rid of.

Our nazi-regime apartment complex has now decided there is no storage of vehicles on the premises. Fine... except, wait... I pay for that fucking spot for that vehicle to be stored. GOD I can't wait to be out of there and soon! We just need to find a fucking place to live... ARG. So now Aaron is totally stressing about what we're going to do with the car, where we might be able to store it, etc. I wish that stupid house we had made an offer on had gone through; we would have closed yesterday, and been probably getting it cleaned up this very evening. AND his fiero would have a home. *sigh*

Aaron made dinner last night, it was really good. I'm all about having rice lately. Love it. He made my 'chicken cooked in cream of mushroom soup w/ thyme and sour cream' dish, and bought dessert at Starbucks. So good. Tonight I'm doing a spaghetti bake, it'll last a good two days, so that's nice.

Well, that's about all I have for today, so here's a pic or two...

someone needs to tell Asa he isn't as stealth as he thinks he is about sneaking onto my homework materials. He'll crouch all low and walk ever so slowly until he gets to where he wants to be, whether it's laying on a book I'm currently reading or trying to drape himself across the laptop.

though he must know he's not very stealth, because he looks guilty as hell.

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