Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Good lawdy. For those of you playing the home game, offer numero cinqo went out today. We should know something tommorrow by lunchtime, but if it goes ANYTHING like it has been... I'd say we'll know by friday.

I was awakened last night around 2 am from a disturbing dream about my Grandma K. I had a dream about her a few nights ago as well... actually, to be honest, I've been dreaming about both of my grandma's for the past 2 weeks almost every night. Grandma K passed away in 2001, and in my dream of her last week, she had a set amount of time she was allowed to come back from heaven to visit.

The dream itself had some bizarro stuff in it, but there were some strangely 'real' moments. In the dream, we hosted a big family reunion so she could see everyone, and we were all excited to talk to her. I asked her if she had seen Grandma Pat in Heaven as she had just passed away a short while ago. She said that she had seen her, and was surprised to see her up there so soon. Then I asked if she saw uncle Allen (and she said yes) and the duff's, to which she seemed confused. (Reverend Duff passed away some time ago, but Mrs. Duff is still here... hence the confusion?) I remember being really happy that I got to introduce her to Aaron, and I asked her if she ever got sad and missed us, to which she replied "there's no crying in Heaven." I also noticed in my dream that she was much younger than the age at which she passed away. In my dream she appeared to be in her 30's, and she explained that in heaven, you appear as you were in the prime of your life. I told her that we were having a baby and it was a boy, and she said "nothing is iron clad." .... that frickin' phrase has been rolling around in my head ever since. It's not something she would have said normally, so it sticks out in my mind.

I won't go on about the bizarro stuff, because it's all fuzzy now, and I only remember the stuff I wrote here pretty clearly because I've been retelling the dream so much. Turns out, that my mom told my aunt about the dream and she said that it's stated in the bible that 1. there are no tears in heaven and 2. In heaven everyone looks as to be in their 30's. I have not investigated this much, but damn... it kind of spooked me a bit.

Both mom and aunt Dana wanted to know if Grandma was in white, but I don't believe she was. However, we are a family that does believe in spirits and whatnot, and while there was enough wierd dream stuff involved that I don't necessarily believe the dream was anything 'special'... some of the statements make me think otherwise.

Please don't comment that there are no such things as ghosts or spirits or visits from deceased loved ones. You believe what you want to believe and I'll believe what I want to believe. NO harm done.

Anyway, last night I had another dream about her, but it was a bit disturbing, she showed up at a function of some sort and was hugging everyone, but when I went to hug her she turned and ran from me. Not such a good dream.

When I woke up, I realized I was incredibly warm and couldn't breathe so well through my nose. I NEVER sleep w/ socks on, but because I have picked up a case of Athlete's foot, I was wearing them to keep the medicine from getting all over the place. So I took the socks off, and laid there for a few minutes and if it wasn't Aaron's snoring that roused me from dozing off, then it was one of the fucking cats pawing at the door and 'mmmmmoooooowwwwwwww-ing' that did. I got up a few times and sprayed them with the canned air, and when I laid back down, the itching in between my toes was driving me absolutely MAD.

I might mention here, that my dear little cousin Matt came over to help Aaron with his car last week. He brought some clothes to change into after work, and used our shower. Not a big deal. I forgot that he has athlete's foot so bad, he says he's tried everything in the world and nothing makes it better. Well now the fool has passed this mutant strain of foot fungi to me, and since he used the tub on Wednesday, I had come down with it by Friday. I have been bleaching the tub out every time I am done with it, and have been applying tinactin ointment... I hate the spray shit, but the fucking itching is driving me around the motherfucking bend.

of course it doesn't help that at 2am when I am laying there trying not to scratch, I am getting more irate and more irate at the fact that I caught it at all. ARG.

Anyway, that's all for today. Thanks for all the comments on the homebuying stuff... I really do appreciate it, and it's putting some light on the whole subject, there are days when it all seems so easy to understand, and days when I'm like What the fucking fuck?

Check out the pregnancy journal after 6pm pacific time for 3d/4d pics of our little man!

This is what happens when your lazy wife hasn't done laundry in like a looong time. The emergency socks are called in for use.

Ben just loves quality time with the daddy.

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