Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The DILLY... yo.

*sigh* these breathing techniques I learned from the new prenatal yoga dvd I've been doing are coming in handy today. They really help to calm me down... or perhaps it's that I just fucking give up... maybe that's it.

So it looks like the deal we were signing up for on Monday (yes, being vague; I know) is not going to happen. Aaron's credit is almost as pure as the driven snow which they do not like, and I don't make enough money to carry the loan as a prime applicant to his co-applicant status. Oh, and even if I did they want 10% which ain't going to happen, so you know. Whatever.

This whole process sends me into fits for a number of reasons... one of them being the guy handling the process isn't as into us as I am to him apparently. Is it too much to ask that you CALL AND UPDATE ME ON WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY FUCKING FUTURE MAN? I called him monday to let him know I'd be faxing over some documents that our other lender was willing to accept on Aaron's behalf, proving that he is credible and honest and pays his bills etc. I asked him to call me as soon as he knew anything so I could figure out some other stuff (where I'll be attending school) as soon as I knew. (two options of schools, depends on where we'll be living; and don't want to apply for financial aid until I know what school it is, but won't know what school it is until we fucking move. ) Anyway, I call the office this morning because 'brad' hasn't called me back.

Apparently brad was out for the day, and Jeannie the ever so helpful office manager asked if I could hold after I said that I felt my needs weren't being met in a timely manner, and granted; we just filled out the paperwork on Sunday, but this is a huge life decision, and I wrote the man a check for earnest money and I would appreciate a call to check in daily so I don't sit here and stew about it. After a few minutes 'Dave' the sales manager got on the phone and asked how I was doing, and gosh, wouldn't you know... Brad was just on the other line and he said I could call his cell phone! What a coinky-dink! So I did. Call brad.

Which is when he asked me again to see if my lender would do a certain type of loan, to which I replied (for the 3rd time now) "" He then said he'd put the application through a total of 3 banks, and they weren't able to help, so he was going to call on some other resources.

I'm having fits because I am wondering how many credit inquiries I am racking up and is it fucking worth it? GAH. He advised me to call a place that I'd heard of and call him back. So I do. Same deal, 10% down but my income shouldn't be a problem... gee, now where to pull 10 grand out of our asses. *sigh* so Brad said he'd call me back, but I'm not hopeful.

Also, in doing some investigating for my next phase of schooling, it turns out to go to the branch that's further south (if we happen to move that way)... I need to take Calculus. You know... that's almost a deal breaker for me. Seriously. I am already wondering how I am going to get through an entire quarter of Math 107 (something to do with logical whatever...) and now they throw calculus at me? What I don't get is that the class listed in their prereq sheet is 'elemenary Math I'... the corresponding class to take at BCC is calculus... um, no. So I drafted an email wondering if a different math that focuses on elementary education would be more appropriate, but I haven't sent it. *sigh* if it turns out that I need to take calc. to get into this program then I'll drive the extra 20 minutes and just fucking go to the other branch.

In other words: shit.damn.GAH.

Aaron is stoked to pick up the new Gran Turismo game today, and the way this day has gone, how much do you want to bet it didn't come out? They've pushed the date back so much in the past year (I was going to buy it for him for his last birthday... his bday is 3/5.) I wouldn't be surprised if at the last minute it got pushed back. I hope not. The good thing is I'll probably be able to get my computer classwork done tonight as he sits in front of his new game.

Ben had another owie under his chin, I presume from Asa bunny thumping his head (you know, when a cat grabs something and then kicks it with both of his back feet... Asa is a champ at this and I'm surprised he hasn't severed ben's and molly's jugulars.) Anyway, I used Asa's sweater as a feeble attempt to keep the fucker from licking off the neosporin, but it's too big. Also, that's his towel. Do not sit on it, because he will sit and stare and give you the dagger eyes. That is his spot and not yours. mmkay?

So I may or may not have cut off the cuff of an old pair of Aaron's socks... and uh, it did the trick, much to ben's dismay.

This may only be funny to me (Aaron thinks I'm mean), and it may only be really funny if you have the audio to go with it, which sadly, I don't. Molly loathes being touched if she is under the blanket and hops around if you touch her growling and hissing and generally freaking out. She doesn't have the sense to come out from under the blanket and flipped herself on her back the other night when I was torturing her and proceeded to lie there and growl, even at Aaron who tried to help her out. Heh. Payback.

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