Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Beep Beep Woo Woo

I love that song by Ludacris...Get back I think it's called. LOVE.IT.

In other news I am pretty confident about my standing on my poli-sci test this morning. Usually I have confidence that I did ok, this time I was surprised to see how much I knew. Though my confidence that that will translate to a decent grade is not high... our teacher is kind of a dick. He is fluent in English but doesn't fucking grasp some of the slang or the sayings. I recall thinking 'uh-oh' before using the phrase "pass muster" not once but twice on a question about how a bill becomes a law. *sigh* I have little faith in the smug bastard. The other girls who sit in front of me were talking the other day about what a dick he is, and they're right... he's gone from being kind of funny and charming to being impatient and rude and unclear on his directions. He is particularly rude to this kid that sits next to me, and one time after belittling him in front of the class I turned to him and said "what.a.FUCKING.dick." he started to laugh and said "yeah, well at least it's not just me who's thinking that."

On a stranger note... he handed out a 'short answer' portion of the test... and first of all, PAL, short answers do not consist of a question like: Describe in detail the constitutional differences between the House and the Senate. and then leave 8-10 blank lines underneath it. that's not a short answer dickface, that's a fucking essay question. We had about 13 of those, which were for the most part no sweat... though I choked on the requirements to be President... I remembered you had to be a natural born citizen, have lived here for 10 years and have to be 35 years old... but he left a ton of lines and kept reiterating that the amount of lines should dictate to us EXACTLY how much writing was necessary to answer the question. If he said that once, he said it a million times, oh and then repeated time and again "do not write in the margins please, stop at the period. (He had placed a period at the end of the lines under each question.) and then said " absolutely do not write under the last line or in the margins please... stay on the lines." What a control freak.

I have been tweaking the pregnancy journal a bit and for the most part am done... I want to do something different to the banner, but my adobe photoshop is under some serious stress... wigging out like crazy. I also have been having problems upon problems with fucking popups man... I have the google toolbar, and downloaded a firewall at zonealarmDOTcom today (which could be why the stupid adobe photoshop isn't working, I don't know)... but I'm still getting fucking popups. ARG.

Valentines day was pretty low key... I know MANY people lament the very existence of the day, and perhaps it is a bit contrived and marketed mercilessly etc. But for me... it's nice. I am thankful for another excuse for Aaron and I to chill out together and be sweet and romantic and all that... He and I were both single damn near 10 years before we met... and that means no relationships in that span of time... dating here and there, but nothing remotely relationship like... so for me it's a treat to celebrate it. Cheesy maybe, but I always dreamed about spending Valentine's Day with someone special and now I get to. It's nice.

I made shrimp fettucine and garlic toast, and a pudding parfait thing for dessert. We also watched 'The Notebook'... which was sweet. Then we went to sleep and My sweet husband got all huffy when I insisted he roll over NUMEROUS times because he was snoring in my face. Of course in the light of morning he isn't huffy anymore, and feels bad for snoring in my face. Seriously, we have got to do something about the snoring. As it is I am up 4-5 times a night peeing... yes I know I could stop this with drinking less water, but I'm thirsty in the evening dammit! So I get up routinely to pee, and then stumble back to bed and pray for sleep to come again quickly, and I go to lay on my left side (because it's ALWAYS when I *need* to lay on my left side) and Mr. huffiness is snoring right there in my face. He doesn't want to roll over because he's already been laying on that side... I know how that is... hence the need for him to roll the fuck over. (I say that with love by the way.) *sigh* I think this will be less of an issue when the baby is here and I am not up constantly peeing... oh wait, I'll be up constantly nursing a baby... that's right.

Aaron you have GOT to STOP snoring!!! (as if he has any control over it, I know.)

Let's see... what else...

I did inform Aaron last night that he needs to tell his son that I would prefer to not get any bigger than this size righ tnow, and he needs to make ample use of his space in there, because I am not having any more of this growth. fuck all, I feel huge... I looked in the mirror this morning at my profile and sighed, and Aaron laughed and said "you're PREGNANT." yeah yeah yeah... I just cannot imagine feeling bigger than I already do, and tomorrow is only the halfway mark... holy cow, how the hell am I going to wait another 20 weeks? Just when it starts flying, it also starts slowing down. :-)

Asa waits for his chance to pounce

Ben feels the need to remind us that it's winter time and the heat should be on because it's only 72 degrees in the living room, and he's about to freeze to death.

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