Monday, January 10, 2005


Fuck I need a nap today.

So this weekend was no big deal; we did get a lot of shit done. Friday night I did some reading, and we watched Little Black Book... it was ok I guess. Then Saturday Aaron had to work in the morning and I sat from about 10 am until 3:30pm in the dining room (yay, we have a dining room again!) doing homework. I do NOT have the attention span for that kind of shit anymore. That's a long ass time to be working, and I'll be damned if I am going to piss away the week again so I have to it all over again.

Two girls in my Poli-sci class are giving me fits. Well, 3, actually. The first is a high school student and has some long ass black/brown hair. Nice hair in general, but she fucks with it and picks her head all fucking class long. Picks her head like... as if it itches and she is picking scabs or something. That and she asks stupid questions ALL THE FUCKING TIME... but I could just be being a bitch. Oh! And it'll be like 30 degrees or less out, and she comes in in the SAME bright yellow pullover sweatshirt on every day, then a coat on over that and will proceed to peel off the layers until she's sitting in a teeny tiny tanktop. Basically she bugs me just because she does and I now refer to her in my head as 'headpicker'.

The other girl who is giving me fits used to just warrant a stare, but today she sat by me and proceeded to drink her ice water and crunch her ice with her teeth all morning long. If that alone didn't bug me, she's the most... interesting looking person I've seen in a long time. She's got lips that put Steven Tyler to shame. The thing is, I've got big lips... fine, whatever... but her's are big, shaped like a circle together (Think Jennifer Garner when she has her 'serious face' on) and puffy as all get out. Ice cruncher doesn't have ... voluptuous lips per say... like if you saw them you wouldn't go "wow, she's got big lips, so nice and voluptuous." You'd probably say "damn, that girl's got some big fucking lips!" I can't help but stare... I'm an asshole, I know. But I've NEVER seen lips like that on anyone.

The last girl who bugs me is just an idiot who is obviously just a republican because her parents are and stuns me with some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth. I made mention in one class of how curious it is to me that Bush's administration preaches about 'no big government' blah blah blah, but we are losing liberties every day... through the fcc regulations and religion being crammed down our throats... and this dumb bitch raises her hand and says "Well, I just don't see how you can criticize your loss of liberties when you aren't even the one out there fighting for them like the soldiers in Iraq." My hand shot up in the air and I said "to clarify, first of all, my choices that are being taken away as to what the gov't thinks I can watch or listen to on television or the radio have zero to do with the fighting going on in Iraq, and furthermore, when our nation is in such a state of turmoil and the ratings for our President have been iffy at best with regards to Iraq, it is curious to me, that he would choose to tighten the belt on what's acceptable to air on television, choose to spend extra money on funding NASA programs, and try to overturn gay marriage rights... when his attention should most obviously be on fixing what has gone wrong in Iraq. The restrictions on what's on television should take a definite backseat to the soldiers that are dying every day in a war that was unnecessary in the first place." (or something like that.)

The prof, a liberal in moderate's disguise smiled and nodded and took the next comment. I love how he tries to stay in the middle but his own liberal views come sneaking out in every lecture.

Anyway, the following is an example of why I think Asa is trying to sabotage my schoolwork...

First he tried to distract me by being cute and laying on my papers/books etc.

Then he decided it was time to try mastering 'holding the pen'.. when I took the pen away and began jotting down notes he responded by rubbing his face on the pen and my hand, while purring loudly.

Then he felt the need to stretch

Finally he settled down for a long afternoon nap while I plunked away on the laptop. He is best in his supervisor mode after all.

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