Thursday, January 27, 2005


I have so much growout from the last time I got my hair foiled... The last time was 2 weeks before the wedding... that's back in OCTOBER people... GAH. I have been so lazy, I just haven't felt like going in, so today I decided that if my stylist had an appt open this afternoon (which she NEVER does) I would consider it a sign from God and just go in and get it done. Gee, guess who had an appt open and ready for me at 5:15pm? Yay! I hate doing shit after work, but damn, this growout could be adding to my shitty mood lately. I look seriously tanya hardingish. And that's never a good thing.

Also, if you haven't checked out the Baby Pool yet, you should. The pot's up to 66 bucks!

I went to the big Old Navy store in Downtown Seattle on my lunchbreak the other day, and hot damn. I love their clearance section. I got 4 tops and a black fleece for a total of 30 bucks! Such good deals! Lori came with me and even found some stuff on the regular clearance racks, and bought 4 fleece's for like 7 bucks. We love us some Old Navy.

Have been shirking the Meteorology homework as of late... getting it done and turned in, but not really stopping to try and learn something. Great. I now have a TIMED test this weekend that I need to make a study guide for. Times like this I want to kick my own ass. At least he gives us a list of shit to know.

Anyhoo, how about more random kitty cuteness...

Aaron thinks it's funny that Asa gets his mane wet when he drinks... though it's actually funnier that Aaron calls it his 'beard' rather than his 'mane' :-) heh.


Asa and Molly ... the little squinty kids

He's so pinchable.

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