Monday, January 03, 2005


I am in a piss ass mood today; it abated for a while around lunch (could have had something to do with the heavenly clam chowder I ingested) but now it's on it's way back. I think it's because I'm tired. I'm so very tired; as is Aaron ... and today wasn't his best mood day either. I am pretty sure we can count on an early night.

I developed the last of the rolls of film from the cameras we left on the tables at the wedding and let me just tell you... what a fucking waste. First of all, I put stickers on there that said they were for adults only... some of the covers were conveniently ripped off the cameras, and now from the 10 rolls of film, we have maybe 25 decent photos. However, if I wanted 200 photos of the same handful of people in Aaron's family, from the neck up taken from the floor... I've got them. GAH. I'm so irritated that we even wasted any money on that shit... I can't even do anything with those pictures because half the time the person featured is blinking, talking or turned away. I should have said something when I saw kids with the cameras at the wedding, but let it go. Now I can't really say anything because what's the point? It was nearly 2 months ago and the film is jacked and is staying jacked... there's no point in complaining. But I guess I will anyway! It's what I do best!

I was sick all weekend, and am feeling a bit better now; I finally broke down and bought a humidifier on saturday and I think it's helped. Though now I'm plagued with disgusting tasting saliva (which frankly could be a side effect of pregnancy... if so THIS CHILD OWES ME BECAUSE IT'S DISGUSTING.) And everything smells gross. I don't think it's a sinus infection, I just think it's this lovely virus working it's way out of my system. Ick.

Saw Spanglish... boy was that fucker long. And pointless. It was actually an ok movie but Tea Leoni bugged the crap out of me, which is odd... and I didn't really buy some of the scenes she was in, some of them yes... she was great. Some, not so much. And the hispanic chick bugged me because she reminded me of Penelope Cruz who looks like a moth.

The car search is still on... school started today, my Political Science teacher (this class is focusing on American Gov't) is a canadian by way of St. Lucia... and is teaching American Politics. I love it. He seems very nice and exams are 60% of the grade which to me is awesome because that means there is less actual work to be done, and I just need to know the material. I also am supposed to read a newspaper a few times a week... I have a few to choose from; they are known for covering national headlines more than local ones... I do not have the time to go to the library and read this shit nor do I have the $$ to subscribe daily, so I think I'll try and find the one that offers the best online content... and hope that they don't charge.


Ben is not stretching, nay; he is merely sleeping on the daddy's lap while the daddy tries to play video games around him. Ben has become MISTER co-dependent lately... you can't sit down without the furry bastard trying to sit in your lap.

Asa's transformation into alien kitty is almost complete.

Her highness does not approve.

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