Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I didn't update yesterday because I was having an AWFUL day and didn't feel like rehashing it, nor did I feel like being a downer (again) in my journal. I feel like I've been doing nothing but complaining lately and I'm trying to remedy that.

The problem with yesterday was that I was in a class that was cancelled and because my school is FUCKED, they neither sent me anything to notify me of it nor did they call me... they can't explain how I received no word about this by the way. LOVELY. I have two quarters left there... I was stressing. I have specific things to fill and didn't want to screw myself out of credits I need when I can only enter the teaching program at the branch campus in the fall... I didn't want to wait a year if I fucked up. So I had an anxiety attack... one of the worst ones I've had in a while, luckily it passed eventually; but not before bursting into tears and yelling at Aaron (who was trying to be helpful) and telling my mother "fuck school, I don't fucking care anymore."

To make a long story short, I am now taking Political Science, BTS (Business Technology Systems... basically a class on microsoft office 2003) and motherfucking Metiorology 101: Introduction to Weather. Because I need to know why it rains. Fuck I hate school sometimes. How about just giving me the fucking necessary tools to do the job and QUIT WASTING MY MOTHERFUCKING TIME WITH MOTHERFUCKING CLASSES LIKE METEOROLOGY. *sigh* Seriously. So that means with a full load this quarter, and a full load next quarter I should be done and be ready to enter the teaching program in September. I need to apply first, and hope I get accepted... have I mentioned that I could kick my own ass for not accomplishing this stuff YEARS ago when normal people do?

Also... I was freaking out because of the apartment situation, I have nowhere to study... seriously, and nowhere to sit and really do homework, when my mom took pity on me and offered us the use of her storage unit until we move. We are putting all of the non electrical wedding gifts in there until we get things settled, and reclaiming the dining room table. I am so happy about this developement I could literally squeal with delight. Hot damn, I have a table again! We still have several things that are occupying that space, but if we move some other things into storage and move the electricals into those previously occupied spaces, I think we'll be ok.

Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!!! Too bad we haven't done a thing about it since well before christmas. WE are going to get on the stick as soon as we get me a car, which hopefully will be tonight. We are going to look at a car I found locally, Thank goodness for the help of my student loan, as it pushed us to our mark. Wish me luck!!!

They say animals can sense when you are pregnant... I'm beginning to believe it as Asa NEVER wants to sit with me, and lately I have to push the fucker off. Though, if I'm not doing anything important I let him sit, as I want him to be more affectionate towards me. I love that little bastard.

Molly's mere presence makes Asa nervous.

"Thank God, they've finally turned the heat on, the fuckerth were letting uth freethe to death!"

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