Wednesday, December 22, 2004


At 7:30am this morning I finished my christmas shopping! I picked up one last thing for my sister, and a belated birthday present for Aaron's nephew, as well as a gift for a coworker who I am never sure is going to want to exchange, but it's better to have an extra s*bucks gift card on hand rather than to be caught without, if we don't exchange it'll make a lovely birthday gift for a January birthday.

Last night we were on our way to the car lot and got caught in heinous traffic that is ALWAYS I-405... GAH. So we decided mall traffic would be better, and for the most part it was. Then we proceeded to find the street we wanted but not the right direction... we needed Streetname SW not Streetname NE... logic might tell you to follow it one way or another and eventually you will run into the right one... but no. Streetname SW was in a COMPLETELY different area on the otherside of downtown renton. We found the place literally about 10 minutes before closing. The honda I want to look at was in the shop getting new axles so we are going back tonight in hopes that it will be there. We are also going to look at a Saturn that I initially said no over, but we'll see... I need a car. Now.

All of a sudden I have been overcome with the urge to bake lots of christmas cookies and goodies and I just don't have the time. I could do it friday morning before we leave for Aaron's brother's house, but who wants to be rushed when they're baking? Not I. I plan to use that time to wrap the presents that have yet to be wrapped and those that have been accidentally ripped by Molly the fucker who insists on running and leaping behind the godforsaken tree.

Anyhoo... I also listed a bunch of crap to sell on ebay today and my knockoff burberry backpack sold for 35 bucks in less than two hours. Oh ebay... I heart you.

no pics today cause i'm LAZY.

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