Monday, November 22, 2004

Okie dokie

Ok, I promise... PROMISE to have the pictures up this week. Truth be told I am about halfway done right now, but there are some glaring holes where I forgot to download pictures and that will hopefully be fixed tonight.

This weekend sure flew by fast... not that I am complaining, I was back at work on Thursday (with a sunny and chipper disposition no less!) and really, coming back for two incredibly short work weeks is AWESOME. Also, I am so glad to not be planning a wedding anymore I cannot even TELL you how glad. The realization that it's over and it went well is so wonderful and relieving... I almost don't mind that I am about to register for winter quarter next week. (oy, school again already? I've only been off since june!)

Friday after work I went and got my nails done, then we met up with Lori and Bobby and Joanna (Bobby and Joanna leave this coming Saturday for Sweden... how can it be they've been here a month already?) at Red Robin for a bite to eat. Then we went back to our house to play some Dr. Mario before our movie at 10. We saw National Treasure... I gotta say, it was a lot predictable but enjoyable. Then on Saturday, I met up with some girls that I graduated with to start planning our 10 year high school reunion. We had lunch at Olive Garden and it was a really nice time visiting. I hadn't seen one of them since we graduated back in 95. After that I walked over to the mall as Aaron had the car and was shopping at Fry's about 15 minutes away. I bought a few christmas gifts and shopped around. After Aaron picked me up we returned some of our duplicated gifts and went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. I wasn't feeling too hot by then, my feet hurt and I was crabby so we went home and cleaned the shit out of the house.

When I say that, I don't mean to imply that it was dirty, because it wasn't. It was a lot cleaner when we got back from the honeymoon than when we left it thanks to my sister; but the wedding shit was EVERYWHERE. So we went through boxes upon boxes, decided what to toss and what to keep etc etc. and condensed. Our wedding shit pile on the dining room table is now 'the wedding present mountain'... we can't open most of our stuff because we have no room. That is so not an exxageration either. We literally have no room for 95% of it. So we are looking online this weekend and will scout some places out and are hoping to move long before our lease is up in May. I'm thinking it would be great to move before the end of December but the liklihood of that actually happening of course is almost nil.

After that Matt and kylie, Bobby and joanna, lori and Ash all came over and played Dr. Mario for hours. I ended up falling asleep during the melee though I understand Bobby was finally victorious in the last game. (Gee, he only had 3 hours of practice!)

Sunday was spent running around, christmas shopping and generally getting shit done. Aaron's rear driver side tire somehow came up with 4 of 5 bolts broken off; so much running around and car working on was done by he and Willie... Thank God for friends! i don't know what we would have done.

Pictures to come probably tomorrow, I will be diligently working on them tonight. Thanks for reading!

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