Friday, November 12, 2004


Thanks everyone for all of the wonderful comments!!!! The wedding truly was a blast... even though at the moment it is only a blur... how crazy is that? A year and a half of planning and I don't even remember our kiss at the end of the ceremony. I do remember certain details... the sweating... holy shit that veil was like a blanket! And watching Aaron as we exchanged our vows... seeing people's faces as we watched the slideshow... I was sooooooooooo sick people. The day after the wedding I had almost no voice. In fact after the reception we stopped by safeway (still in tux and gown) and picked up sprite, m&m's, and a big thing of morton salt so I could gargle with it at the hotel.

We are in NYC right now, and Aaron is exerting much patience while I get my internet fix in the internet cafe in times square. We are starving; but I HAD to check my email! The hotel in Jamaica had internet service for 7.50 for 15 minutes... um no. As for the honeymoon thus far... I've fallen, lost my voice and caught pink eye... a success no? More details to come later; for now we are DYING to go shopping and blow some of this cash we have scrimped and saved!

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