Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My mom and sister bugged me to update yesterday, and I did but... blogger was being a big fat jerkface and wouldn't let me upload it. So you'll find that entry at the bottom of this one. nyah.

2 years ago today I went out on a blind date with my cousin's husband's best friend. I was nervous, I was shy, and so was he. We didn't really talk or look at each other over the entire course of the evening. And now we're married... I'm telling you, when it's right, it's RIGHT. We ate at Chang's Mongolian Grill... then we went out and sang some Karaoke... I got embarassed when the couple who owns the place greeted me with "Allison! You want your usual?" my usual being a rumplemintz on the rocks and a bud light. Great first impression by the way, walk into a local dive and have the owners know you. But somehow it all worked out... and I can't believe that it was only two years ago. I feel like he's been around forever. The man deserves a medal people, I can be a bit of a handful. And he not only puts up with it, he does so with a smile.

In non-sappy news, I am fucking ti-red today. I actually fell asleep last night around 8, slept through until this morning and dammit I feel like I could use a nap anyway. I'm not used to it being so dark so early here, that by 5pm it feels like 10.

Also, glad to see the white house received their annual christmas tree courtesy of my fine state. I hope the bastard is plagued with termites and drips sap EVERYWHERE. For those of you playing the home game, we still do NOT have a governor... and I love love LOVE that Christine Gregoire (democrat who is 42 (42!) votes behind in the race) is refusing to concede. Stick to your guns chick!


Man, what a weekend. It went by nice and slow yet I feel like I haven't caught up on all my sleep yet. On Thanksgiving, we spent the afternoon at Aaron's grandparent's house in Marysville... the traffic was such a nightmare that it took something heinous like 2.5 hours to get up there when I think normally it might've taken 1.5 hrs. Dinner was delish and we had a chance to catch up with Mike and his fiance' Sara (who were totally fabulous about helping with everything at the wedding, boy do we OWE them.) After dinner and dessert (mike made an awesome yam-cheesecake concoction of his own recipe, and so YUMMY) we drove back down towards home and stopped in at my parent's house and stayed for a bit. Thursday night, Lori came over as we trimmed our tree and spent the night as we got up at the crack of dawn on Friday to go Christmas shopping.

We went to Fred Meyers, and to GameStop. Both in Burien, both easy to get to, no long lines or packed parking lots. You can't beat that. I now have 3-4 gifts left to get and everything else is wrapped and under my tree. I love it! Friday afternoon we had dinner at my mom's house, a second sort of Thanksgiving, as it was Bobby and Johanna's last night. After dinner we went back to my house and Johanna and Seth got their birthday presents (even though their birthdays are Dec. 2nd and 1st respectively) and hung out and played video games until something crazy like 3am.

Saturday, we got up and went to look at neighborhoods as we need to move and PRONTO. We also did a bit of shopping and exchanging and then went home and watched a few movies and messed with the tivo (who is a punk bitch and needs to be returned because the fucker just keeps powering off. Aaron is taking that to task today.) Sunday, Aaron had to work, so I got together with a friend in the morning and we ran a few errands, I took a monster nap (the kind where you sleep so hard it's hard to wake up from) and then we vegged out some more last night. All in all a good weekend.

I will get around to recapping the honeymoon this week I imagine, and will probably share pictures. For now though, here are a few pics that crack me up...

I have no idea what I'm saying to Sara here.

Apparently my godmother and I made out that night

as did holly and I. It's so weird, he got it right at the moment where we went in for a hug after both Holly and Aunt Ruth gave a toast, and instead it looks like girl on girl action.

I am on a mission here, for what I don't know... but check out my stylin' footwear.

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