Thursday, October 28, 2004


To say that I think the Red Sox winning last night is pretty fuckin cool is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year. How inspiring! Seriously, to come back from that 0-3 deficit to beat the Yanks and then to sweep the world series? It's so fucking cool, I can only read into it that it is BOSTON'S year. And by BOSTON I mean BOSTON. One can hope, right? Hell it's been a good week, let's hope it leaks over into next week.

To also say that I've been praying everynight for God to get John Kerry elected is also an understatement. *sigh* I can't even stand looking at that stupid fucker Bush... my blood pressure rises IMMEDIATELY when he is on the television. Dick Cheney is almost as bad... he reminds me of a fucking turtle. Specifically his turtle mouth.

THIS is also pretty fucking cool. Whether or not you like eminem, go there, watch the video (unless you've seen it already. Apparently I've been under a rock because my sister called to tell me about it this morning and she said they've been running it constantly on Mtv, yet I had no idea. I am losing my hipness people.) it's pretty interesting, if you are at work, keep the sound down a bit. I love the end when he's pretty much yelling though, it's kind of chilling and gets you pumped up.

Also! the notify list is no more because it's a giant pain in my ass. If it went out automatically when I did my entries and I didn't have to physically send out an email, I'd keep it. But I'm lazy, and I don't feel like it anymore. Sorry!

And! Air America Radio is finally here in Seattle! Am 1090 if you're here and wanna listen. It's only on 37 stations nationwide, I feel really lucky that we have it here. My only gripe is that Janeane Garofalo is on late in the day; I wish she was more in the middle. Still! It's great to have it here, and if you are in the area, give a listen.

Have I mentioned we only have 9 days left to the wedding? 9 DAYS?!

asa takes his nap on the two buck chuck.

"um... could... could you get that camera out of my fathe? You're kinda in my perthonal thpathe and um... it.. it maketh me kinda uncomfortable."

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