Monday, October 11, 2004

Purgatory 26th, 2004

Oh lawdy. Snap your fingers. That was my weekend. Friday night I came home and made dinner and we immediately left and went on a hunt for black slacks in boys sizes 5 and 7. A small feat you might think, but we were aiming to pay under 20 bucks a pair and apparently that is no small feat. Target, Walmart, Penney's, Fred Meyers, Ross, Marshall's, the Bon and a different Walmart all came up short. We finally found them for 13 bucks a piece at Mervyns. (Oh Mervyns, I heart you so.) Then we decided to mosey on over to Best buy and check out their digital camera's. After that we went back to Walmart and got a bunch of other stuff pertaining to the wedding and our groceries, then stopped by my mom's for a bit to visit, and went home and pretty much crashed that is AFTER I made some bomb ass butterscotch/choco chip cookies.

Saturday morning we got up, went to Trader Joe's and the Liquor Store... priced wine and got a banquet license (in that order) then ran back home and did a mad search of the house because I couldn't find something. We found it, grabbed the ring bearer's outfits and went down to the Party City by the mall, because they have a much bigger selection and are in fact, a much cleaner party city than I'm used to. I got to chatting with my mom on the phone while we were there and she told me she was going to help us out by paying for the food for the wedding. I thanked her profusely, and then she decided she would come meet us and we could go over the specifics. We must've spent two hours in the servingware aisle at Party city discussing food and what we were serving it in, and the structure of the reception as well as decorating etc. etc. etc. We bought 40 bucks worth of plastic champagne glasses and some creme filled caramels and beat feet down to Costco. We were starving so we ate pizza and then priced more wine and champagne and bought Aaron's nephew Bryce a birthday gift and set out for his sister's house in Eatonville.

We got there and had a really great time visiting with Brandi and her boys; it was so nice to just chill out and talk for a few hours. The boys and Aaron were all content to play on the floor together, he had found a science kit dealing with 'electricity' for Bryce and was leading them in doing some of the experiments. It was really cute and I wish we would have had our camera with us. After we left Brandi's a few hours later, we stopped at an all you can eat chinese buffet ... that was a bad idea. We love us some chinese food. And they had SUSHI! I love sushi. Anyway, we drove back to Seattle and pretty much vegged out for a bit before falling asleep.

Sunday morning arrived and Aaron headed off to work, I cleaned the house a bit and then drove out to kirkland to meet a girl from the knot's message boards who was selling me her crinoline and some flower petals for the wedding. She'd used them in hers this past summer. By the time I got home, Aaron arrived just after me, we zipped up to Fred Meyers to get a few of the odds and ends we'd forgotten about and happened to run into an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in about 2 years and Aaron's never met. We talked and they are both gear heads so they talked cars for a good 10 minutes before I rained on the parade by insisting that we go. We had to be at my mom's by 3 and it was 2:30 and we still needed lunch. We got our stuff, grabbed lunch, and picked up my parents and headed over to the church to meet with gal who runs it and see the renovations.

OH. MY. GOD. I don't think I could be happier with the way it looks as everything will turn out. Seriously... beautiful. They also have a state of the art projection system in place and a mixing board and computer etc. I hesitate to be confident about this, but they have an audio guy that I am paying for, but he is young and seems knowledgeable so I am feeling MUCH better about that. We also had the pleasure of running into some of the folks who attended with the old congregation... this is a church my mom went to sunday school at. This is where my sister and I went to sunday school at... it's where mom and dad were married. No other church quite feels like home, and I consider it an honor and a privelege to be getting married there... it's my dream, plain and simple. It was an emotional afternoon... to say the least. Especially without my grandma, it's just... hard. But it feels right... is that weird? I feel like she would be there more than anywhere else, and that's comforting.

After we left the church, Dad and Aaron went back to the house and Lori, Mom and I went to pick up her dress for the wedding at Karen's and hot damn is it a gorgeous dress. It should be for what they charged for it, but my mom is going to look spectacular in it. After we went back to mom and dad's, Aaron and I went out to Fry's to check out digital camera's there and then came home and caught up on the laundry and passed out while watching Farenheit 9/11. I feel like I had no free time, but since we got a ton of shit done I'm not too worried.

I'll be busying myself this week with cutting down some red notecards for the programs, I don't want to leave that to the last minute. We are getting together at my mom's this weekend to put them together as well as the favors and I would hate to put someone on cutting detail as it is a pain in the ass. I also need to wrap the ring bearer's gifts and the guest book attendant's gifts and make the candy lei's for the bachelorette party. So much to do! This is my only week of easy nights; I have an appointment tonight to go get my nails done and I am beyond excited to get them again. It's been a long 7 or 8 months without them. Maybe I'm vain, but I love having my nails done.

Wednesday we are going to get our marriage license, and then next week I have a hair appointment-- my last foil as a single woman! A dress fitting, and a hair trial appointment, oh and a candle party. Bobby arrives here from sweden in like 17 days or something crazy like that. Only to leave again at the end of November. I'm sad that I'll be gone for much of his visit, I really REALLY want Aaron to get to know him, but it's hard since he lives so far away.

I might complain a lot but you know, I am completely aware of how lucky I am. I have people coming from eastern washington, from Canada, from Minnesota and from Sweden to say the least to see me get married and it really means a lot.

Ok, now for the pictures you requested! And by the way Kay... I'll try to get a 'family' pic of us tonight! (and Jenny - the work area pic is coming too.)

Bonkrood wants a picture of satchel... It's not out of the question yet, Aaron has a picture phone now... I just have to figure out how to get it. You may have to wait until the office christmas party for that! You also asked to see my fridge:

and my favorite shoes:

My go-go boots -- not really even my favorite pair, but I don't have a favorite pair because I haven't bought shoes in SO DAMN LONG. You can bet your ass when I get to NYC I am totally going hog wild at the Skecher's store in Times square! Ashley has a kick ass pair for the wedding but I can't find them on the web. I'll have to snag a pic of them next time I see her. SO CUTE.

Lastly, my purse... I have many, but this is my favorite:

My knockoff burberry purse. I love this purse more than anyone should ever love any purse. This and my pink Coach knockoff. Oh god, you can totally tell what I am going to splurge on when we are in NYC huh? (I'll post some of the contents within tomorrow.)

Also, Maeleigh asked for a pic of my poncho way back when, so here you go:

and Lastly for Robyn, I have been to Vancouver for touristy stuff only; it's a great city!

Oh and VERY lastly, I love bitchy guestbook comments! Especially when people leave fake emails. Like Florida not wanting me is going to hurt my feelings. Heh, people fucking slay me.

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